Proper Etiquette When Sending Legal Christmas Cards


The holiday season is just around the corner!

Who doesn’t love the holidays? It’s the time of the year when you get excited to open your mail in anticipation of loving Christmas cards from your family and friends! Who doesn’t love receiving handwritten, personal letters? Some people even include photos in them! But Christmas cards are not only for friends and family. You can also send cards to your colleagues, coworkers, and clients! If you work in the legal profession, you can gift the people at work with legal Christmas cards.

Many of us have our own personal traditions when it comes to sending Christmas cards. But there remain rules that everyone should follow to make sure that the recipient of the card appreciates the thought you put into giving them the card.

Below are some useful tips that might come in handy when you are sending out legal Christmas cards to your clients, colleagues, and coworkers. Also, check out the top-rated manufacturer of custom ugly Christmas sweater.

Here we go…

Useful Tips for Sending Out Legal Christmas Cards

1. Be Aware of Which Card Goes To Who

Some people would rather send out a generic “Happy Holidays!” or “Season’s Greetings!” to everyone on their list. However, sending more personalized cards is a lot better. Sure it takes a lot more effort, but isn’t that the whole point of it? If your clients and coworkers celebrate Christmas, by all means send them legal Christmas cards. But if you have coworkers or clients who do not celebrate that holiday (for religious reasons), then don’t send them. Keep each card appropriate to the person you’re sending it to.

2. Mail Your Cards Early

Make sure you mail your cards as early as possible, but not as early as before Thanksgiving. Ideally it would be better for your cards to arrive around early to mid December. Although it’s not a good idea to send the cards too early, you need to understand that the post office is usually busy during the holidays and you wouldn’t want to risk your cards arriving after Christmas day. If you think your cards won’t be able to make the Christmas deadline, you can still spread the holiday cheer by sending out New Year’s cards.

3. Use Your Own Handwriting

As much as possible use your handwriting and signatures inside the cards. This will give your cards a more personal touch and give the impression that you cared enough to devote a few minutes of your time to give each card your attention. If you have enough time to spare, you can even try your hand at some fancy calligraphy on your envelopes. Don’t you just love it when a letter arrives in your mail and it already looks like a piece of art even before you open it?

4. Include a Return Address

There are many reasons and uses for including the return address. First, this is to let the recipient know who the card is from right away. Next, it ensures that they are updated with your current address every year and that they can use it to send a card back to you in case they haven’t already. Making the return addresses part of the originality of the card doesn’t have to be boring—you can spruce it up! For example, you can create a wrap label designed specifically for your card. It’s a creative way to make your card stand out among the rest in the mail!

5. Don’t Send e-Cards in Lieu of Real Cards

Christmas cards should reflect your spirit of generosity with a personal touch. If all you had to do was tap on your phone or click on your computer to send a card out, it no longer evokes the feeling of holiday cheer. Also, if you send clients e-cards, they’ll probably think you are too cheap to afford real, handwritten cards. Remember, it’s easy to get legal Christmas cards from the nearest print shop or you can order some online as well. There are many great options available for you. All you just have to do is put a little effort to it.

6. For Coworkers, Clients and Associates, Mail the Cards to their Office

While sending out handmade cards or pictures of the family may be appropriate for friends and family, below are some useful tips that might come in handy when you are sending out legal Christmas cards to your clients, colleagues, and coworkers.

Unless you are personally close, or socially intimate with your clients and coworkers, there is no reason for you to mail legal Christmas cards to their home. If you haven’t been introduced to their families, it’s best to keep the cards on a professional level. For coworkers and clients, sign the cards with a personal note from you. For your family and friends, send them family photo cards.

7. Make Sending Legal Christmas Cards A Tradition

Sending Christmas cards is a timeless tradition many people look forward to every year. Cards can be used to express feelings of gratitude and well wishes to everyone, young and old. Whether you’re sharing a photo of your new baby or your pet in a cute Christmas sweater, Christmas cards lets you connect with family and friends. But that’s not all! Christmas greeting cards also let you reach out to clients, build better relationships with coworkers and connect to colleagues.

Legal Christmas cards serve as a great form of networking. Nothing kicks off a start of a friendship than by sending a co-worker or colleague a Christmas card. Sending a card during the holiday season is always reflective of your thought and intention. Just make sure you send appropriate greeting cards that reflect your relationship with your coworkers.

If you’re in the legal industry and want to market your business, sending legal Christmas cards to special clients is a smart way to keep your business on top. Show previous, current, and potential clients how you appreciate them for their business and that you are thankful for the support they give.

Lastly, Christmas cards often make family, friends, coworkers, colleagues, and clients feel better. You can make someone smile by sending them a heartfelt message or a funny photo that they won’t find anywhere else! Regardless of whether you plan on sending traditional or modern and funny legal Christmas cards, don’t underestimate the magic of making someone smile with them! Happy holidays!

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