Proper Green Giant Arborvitae Care


Recently we have spent a lot of time asking experts that work with plants about how to properly care for the Thuja Green Giant. Read this guide from The Tree Centre.

How Much Sun Does a Thuja Green Giant Need?

It is important for this plan to get plenty of sun, yet it should also have some amount of shade. Green Giants are going to do much better when there is full sunlight. At the very least, they need six hours of sunlight every day.

What’s the best soil for a Thuja Green Giant?

Thujas are often going to do much better in several different types of soil which could be anything from heavy clay soil to sandy soil. Slightly acidic soil is often preferable, yet they will do just fine if there is alkaline soil as well.

Once you have planted this, it must be watered regularly, but not oversaturated. They are not going to do well in standing water, so try to avoid places with lots of water.

Why is my Thuja Green Giant turning brown?

Thujas are going to turn a shade of brown from time to time, and there are reasons for this such as environmental factors. A lack of water, temperatures (below -20°F) that are well below freezing, and inadequate sunlight are factors that may affect it adversely.

How much water do Thuja Green Giants need?

The reason that these needs a much water is because they are arborvitaes. During the summer months, you should water them at least three times during the month, and when it is called her, only twice. If you are in an area where there is extreme heat, obviously water them slightly more.

If your Thujas are not getting an adequate amount of water of the following can happen: you will notice that foliage will look weak, dull, discolored, and may even turn brown near the needle tips. If you are wondering them too much, discolorations can also occur, along with drooping branches.

Mulch for a Thuja

It is vitally important to have at least 3 inches of this at the base of the tree to retain the moisture. It’s also going to assist you in maintaining weeds. Your soil temperature can also be maintained, especially during the winter, or even when it is cool during the summer.

Fertilizing Thuja Green Giants

If you do have a Thuja Green Giant, you do not need to focus on fertilizing it. However, to get them started, Root Rocket® Evergreen Rocket is recommended.

Thujas can only benefit from this type of material if it is a slow-release fertilizer, and should be done at least twice a year, or perhaps only once, using formula 10-10-10 or 14-14-14 for the fertilizer. If you do fertilize, do it in the early spring, or once the final frost has occurred, which tends to occur in early fall.

How to prune one

These do not need to be pruned. If you leave them alone, they can get to their top height very quickly. Bush your formations can be cut back slightly, and by looking at the central leader, which is the main trunk of the tree, you can improve their size. Thujas can also be crafted into hedges, especially when trimmed at the top into a flat shape, and they should have at least 6 inches in width. You can use shears or prisoners to cut and shape the Thujas that you own very easily.


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