Pros and Cons of Moving Your Furnace


Are you thinking of moving your furnace? There may be a variety of reasons why to move it from its position. You may want to create more space in your basement, lift it off the ground for safety reasons, or make it work with the design plan you have in mind. Regardless of what the reasons are, here are the pros and cons of moving it.

Pros of Moving It

– You get to create the space you want. Sometimes units are placed in awkward spots. If you’re going to design the basement you want, you have to move it out of the way. While it may be tedious and cost extra money, it’s definitely worth the time and investment if you’re remodelling your basement.

– If your home is prone to flooding, lifting the furnace off the ground will protect it. The bottom line is that it can be expensive to replace. It can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000 for a new unit. The water damage can completely replace your unit, so it’s not something you want to risk.

– You can keep it safe from the kids. The last thing you want is for your kids to mess around with it. They may mess around with the settings or accidentally damage it while playing in the basement. Moving it out of the way and placing it in a corner is a good idea if you have younger kids, and they’re using the basement.

– It’s been shown that lifting the unit can help extend its life expectancy. Aside from protecting it from floods, it may allow water to drip out naturally if the drain pan manages to gets flooded. It means you can save on furnace repair in the future.

– It may be easier than you think. If you’re moving the unite a small distance from its original position, it may turn out to be an easy job. The only way you’ll know is to talk to a contractor that has experience moving units, rewiring everything, and making new installations.

Furnace Repair

Cons of Moving It

– You may have to undergo costly modifications. There are things that you may have to change, such as the vents, ducts, gas lines, and electricity lines. In most cases, you’ll need a professional contractor to modify, extend and install new parts to support the move.

– If you plan on moving the unit to the attic, it will become less efficient. Some homeowners are sold on the idea of moving the furnace to the attic. However, this will make the unit less efficient since heat naturally rises. It can also create a lot of condensation in the attic, which can damage your roof without adequate vents.

– You may need a new unit. There may not be any issues with moving high-efficiency units. However, older units may have problems with chimney pipe connections, depending on the distance of the move. Talk to a qualified professional to understand the impact of moving your unit.

– Making installation mistakes can be frustrating. If the move isn’t made correctly, you may have to deal with issues like the heating not being distributed evenly throughout your home. Large damages can result in you having to hire a professional for furnace repair to restore it. To save the hassles, you must work with a qualified contractor to help you with the process.

Do you want to move your unit from its original position? As you can see, there are definite pros and cons of moving it. In some cases, moving the unit may be very easy. But in other cases, it might come out to be a bigger job than you ever imagined. The only way to know what your situation is to consult with an experienced contractor.

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