Pros and Cons of Popular Bed Frame Styles

Given the importance of sleep in our lives, isn’t it fitting that you’d want to spare some thought for the space where you sleep? Did you know that the humble bed frame that keeps your mattress safe from the dust, moisture and mould build-up on the floor has distinctly different styles to serve varying purposes and aesthetics?

Learn more on what type of bed frame is best in your home or apartment.

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In this blog, we give you a sneak peek into the pros and cons of some of the most popular bed frames.

Platform bed

The platform bed features a slatted foundation to hold up your mattress. Such a frame is self-sufficient, and the mattress doesn’t need the support of a separate foundation.

You can get your platform bed with simple side railings or with the frills of both a head and footboard, besides getting to choose from all standard sizes.

Floating bed

A floating bed has inconspicuous legs to prop the structure above the ground, making it look like it is floating in mid-air. Ideal for small rooms, the “floating-in-air” structure clears the ground to create an illusion of space. You can also discreetly anchor floating beds to the wall, lending a contemporary look to the room.

Sleigh bed

If you love the vision of riding a sleigh on snowy slopes, live the fantasy with sleigh bed frames that replicate an actual sleigh with distinctly decorative curved headboards and footboards. Usually featuring a wooden bed frame and paired with fabric upholstery, sleigh beds often bear a high price tag.

Trundle bed

Trundle beds have an additional roll-out mattress stacked in a large drawer beneath the frame, besides the usual mattress on the top. Pull out the drawer when extra space is needed and roll it back in when not in use. However, these bed frames are not usually available in queen or king sizes. Moreover, trundle beds can accommodate only thin mattresses that are good for occasional use.

Bunk bed

Maximise small bedroom space with bunk bed frames stacked on top of each other. Ideal for kids’ rooms, guest rooms, or rented properties, most bunk beds have two and at times three levels. Bunk beds are available in twin mattress sizes, though you can also find them in queen or king sizes.

Murphy bed

Another space-saving bed frame is a murphy bed that you can accommodate in a closet or a cabinet. When the bed isn’t used, prop it up vertically to make space for other activities. Likewise, you can pull it down to the ground to sleep. Although available in most sizes, the queen size Murphy bed is more popular.


A deep couch, a sofa or bench, and a regular bed rolled into one make the convenient multi-purpose daybed. Use it to entertain guests or lounge on during the day and pull it out to sleep on at night. The best part is that daybeds are available in all standard mattress sizes.

Who would have thought that bed frames have such variety and multiple utilities? Now that you know, which of these will you get for yourself?