Protect Your Hair During Autumn


Autumn is a beautiful season, with its falling leaves and cool breezes. However, just like winter, it can be harsh on your hair. The changing weather conditions can lead to dryness, breakage and other hair-related problems. Fortunately, you can protect your hair and keep it brilliant all the way to Spring. Here are some tips to help protect your hair during winter.

Wear Hats

Just like in winter, wearing hats or scarves is an excellent way to protect your hair from harsh elements. As the temperatures drop, the air becomes drier, and your hair can easily become dehydrated, which can lead to breakage. However, the lining around your hat should also be safe. Therefore, avoid wool, cotton and other fabrics that cause breakage.

Applying dry oil sprays to your hair also prevents static electricity under the hat and keeps your hair shining.

Regular Trims

Trimming is a great and simple way to keep your locks looking fresh. Simply take off around half an inch of hair from your edges to reduce the chances of developing split ends. Furthermore, you ought to trim every four to six weeks for the best results.

Invest in A Humidifier

Heating appliances often work overtime when the months get cooler. Consequently, the air around the house can dry out, and your hair is starved of moisture. This is not good for maintaining strong and healthy hair.

A humidifier can make a big difference in your living space by rehydrating the air and your hair too. As a result, you get to keep a lustrous set of locks.

Avoid Heat Styling

Although blow drying is a fast way to dry your hair, it’s not recommended during autumn. Blow drying leaves your hair completely dry and vulnerable to breakage. On the other hand, air drying leaves a healthy amount of moisture in your hair.

If air drying takes too much time, you can wash your hair in the evening and let it dry out through the night. Furthermore, avoid styling your hair with heat. Explore safer styles like braids, buns and twists.

Don’t Leave Your Hair Wet

Wet hair is more vulnerable to damage during autumn than dry hair. The water in your hair can freeze up and cause breakage. Therefore, it’s best to air-dry your hair before going outdoors.

Use Oil Treatment

Oil-based treatment will restore moisture to your hair and keep it safe through the autumn. A lightweight leave-in formula with argon oil will instantly revitalise damaged hair and protect healthy strands.

Condition Your Hair Once A Week

You need to moisturise your hair for the best results. Using a weekly leave-in conditioner combats the effects of the cold winds, indoor heating and hot styling. Furthermore, moisturising prevents static hair.

Avoid Frequent Washes

Washing your hair every day isn’t recommended. Frequent washes get rid of natural oils in your hair and leave it vulnerable to damage. Therefore, it’s prudent to extend the time between washes.

You can skip a day or two between washes and use dry shampoo to keep your hair fresh and clean. Nonetheless, don’t wait too long before your next wash.

Although autumn can be tough on hair, you can protect yours with these simple tips. The results are sure to impress you.


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