Protective Gear That Will Help Save Your Life During a Gunfight


Bullet casings are unpredictable and indiscriminate during a gunfight, and you never know when a bullet could land on your clothes. During a gun battle, ammunition can bounce off tables, stall divers, and walls; therefore, it’s essential for everyone involved to use the right PPE, to be safe. Here are some of the protective gear that will help save your life during a gunfight. 

1. Bulletproof Vest or Ballistic Ceramic Plate

Ceramic plates are used along with bulletproof vests to give the highest level of protection known to man. The tactical vest can be carrier vests, tactical armor, concealable armor, or soft body armor. They work by stopping bullet penetration and absorbing the impact of bullets. 

Combining ballistic ceramic plates and bulletproof vests will protect you from rifle fire and handgun fire. Based on the design, ceramic armor plates are made from ceramic squares that can withstand multiple shots, and the protective edge prevents the ceramic from shattering when the plate is dropped. Military schools also use ballistic ceramic plates since it provides protection similar to enhanced small arms protective insert. 

2. Ear Muffs

Noise-induced hearing loss slowly develops when someone practices gun firing without earmuffs. When you are exposed to shooting, the noise could affect your ability to communicate, and earmuffs are designed to ensure that your ears are protected. If you are exposed to noise exceeding 140dB, your eardrums can get damaged. Earmuffs are suitable in places where sounds bounce off walls, making noise louder. 

3. Shooting Gloves

It’s always advisable to practice with shooting gloves since they will protect your hands from the recoil, and they also improve performance. Identify thick shooting gloves to use during training to make your transition from using gloves to shooting bare hands easier. Besides, if you are frequently practicing, the gun powder residue might damage your skin.

4. Shooting Glasses

Gun enthusiasts and hunters need protection when training or when shooting in the woods. Guns have a recoil, and when practicing outside, tree branches, dust, the sun’s light, and wind can cause eye problems. If you wear contact lenses, pre-made sports goggles will be ideal for you. The goggles are wrapped to protect the eyes from dust and wind. It’s also important to note that the quality of lenses varies in the pre-made glasses. When purchasing the shooting glasses, pick the ones made with polycarbonate, which is a resistant material that prevents wear and tear. 

Shooting Glasses

5. Combat Helmets

Battle helmets are designed to protect your head from bullets during the gunfire. The helmets are also made to enhance comfort and safety, and you will realize that they are also bulletproof and lightweight. During training or on the battlefield, the helmet will protect you from bullets aimed at your head or from high-speed shrapnels that can swoosh by your head after an explosion.

All gun ranges require that trainers should wear the right personal protective equipment. Protective gear that includes vests, ear muffs, shooting gloves, shooting glasses, and combat helmets are designed to protect you from stray bullets. Therefore, you should consider purchasing the gear from trusted sources, or your life will be on the line. 

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