Proven Anti-Ageing Benefits of NMN


One of the most significant health issues people all over the world have in common is ageing-related problems. You probably know of someone who is using anti-ageing supplements and wish to try for yourself. NMN is a common choice for many.

Before you start taking it, you’d want to know, “how can NMN help with anti-ageing?”Here are some helpful details:

What Is NMN?

NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) is one of the highest-selling supplements right now. Its reputation to boost the body, increase the longevity of your organs, and stop ageing is well deserved. Touted as an ageing elixir, NMN has the backing of scientists globally.

It all began with the discovery of SIRT1 genes found in yeast about 20 years ago. They regulate metabolism, fight cellular deterioration, and repair DNA in the human body. When these genes were multiplied, scientists found out that they could increase an organism’s lifespan by 5–20%.

While it is one of the four mammalian longevity pathways, NMN is derived from Vitamin B3. NMN mimicked the capabilities of the genes. In past and ongoing research, studies showed that NMN could counteract age-related decline and tissue damage in the body.

How Does NMN Prevent Ageing?

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide or NAD+ is a coenzyme present in all organisms. It is a vital part of the mitochondria, your body’s powerhouses, and produces adenosine triphosphate (ATP). When NAD+ is triggered, it can repair the cells in susceptible organs, boost energy production, and enhance survival.

However, as you age, NAD+ levels in your body decrease to almost half the amount in your youth, resulting in diseases. Studies show that increasing their levels can treat many health issues like reversing ageing, extending lifespans, and improving mitochondrial function.

NMN is vital in producing NAD+ compounds. When you supplement your body with it, you are indirectly adding NAD+ and helping stop the loss of valuable cells. It also gets absorbed into the blood within 2–3 minutes.

It can reverse ageing effects, including:

  • Weight gain
  • Wrinkles
  • Joint pains
  • Heart disease
  • Inflammation
  • Muscle tissue damage
  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Diabetes
  • Reduced metabolism and more

Health-Enhancing Potential of NMN

As per studies conducted on a group of mice, NMN introduction has resulted in skeletal muscle restoration. In mice with Alzheimer’s disease, NMN improved cognition, blood-brain barrier, and neural functions. When administered to obese and diabetic mice, it increased the secretion of insulin.

These exciting revelations paved the way for more research on NMN’s effects on adult human metabolism. Like mice, older humans showed more response to the intake of NMN than those in their 30s. Likewise, supporting evidence was found later that enabled scientists to call NMN a fountain of youth.

Here are the findings.


After a microvascular injury, the blood supply to cells and tissues decreases. Further aggravation can cause inflammation and necrosis, resulting in free radical production. NMN fights this oxidative stress, leading to the possibility of being an alternative therapy strategy for surgeries.


Within a 12-month duration, NMN could reduce body weight gained due to ageing by up to 9%. This study was combined with the results of a treadmill exercise. NMN also replenished cellular energy levels and reduced metabolic disorders. In the future, experts are likely to explore its effects on other obesity-related diseases.

Neurological Functions

NMN balanced out decreased oxygen consumption rates and mitochondrial abnormalities, which are signs of neurological disorders. Researchers think that it can be used as a symptomatic treatment because NMN-induced patients responded to the treatment. For example, it has improved cognitive function and decreased edema in the mouse model’s ICH (intracerebral hemorrhage).

Diabetes Treatment

In mice with age-induced diabetes showed improvement in terms of insulin intolerance and glucose-sourced energy utilization. It also reduced inflammation and improved immunity. Female mice that participated responded better than the male, even though they consumed a high-fat diet.


Ageing affects several organs, including the skin, liver, pancreas, skeletal muscle, tissue, and brain. NMN, which makes NAD+, can stop DNA damage and reverse the muscle skeleton. As NAD+ generation reduces, the production of melanocyte stem cells decreases. Even in postmenopausal, prediabetic, and obese women, it slightly improved the metabolic factor.

Reverse Menopause

Females’ reproductive ageing is almost irreversible, but studies proved that NMN could improve fertility rates. In older, postmenopausal female subjects, the introduction of NMN normalized the DNA, and egg cells were younger enough to reproduce. This shows promise in future non-invasive fertility treatments.

If you have been wondering how can NMN help with anti-ageing, this information might have helped. However, not all NMN supplements can provide the right value. Choosing the wrong product or an incorrect dosage can lead to some side effects.

After endless tests and examinations, scientists now confirm that taking NMN is good for humankind. Tested individuals made their lifespans longer and healthier. Although there is no record of danger, it is always wise to get your NMN supplements from a good seller.

Get Back Your Energy Levels with NMN Supplements

You can take NMN supplements to ensure improved energy levels and concentration. You can be free from joint aches, lethargy, and fatigue. Your skin will feel supple and wrinkle-free, and you’ll look a few years younger.

But before you buy NMN products from some supplier, be sure to check the below factors.

Good Manufacturing Practices: The lab should be climate-controlled with top-notch equipment and should follow ethical operating procedures.

Manufacturer’s Reputation: Search for the top NMN suppliers, and narrow down potential options from the list. Also, check what people are saving.

Third-Party Testing: The value increases if an independent source performs the quality check or purity testing.

Contact Information: Read the fine print and call the number on the website to clarify your doubts.

Browse Supplements: You can choose from a range of supplements types, such as tablets, powder, and capsules. Pick the right product type for you.

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

These studies indicate the full potential of NMN in treating age-related disorders. You can further boost your NAD+ levels by indulging in exercise, dietary changes, and a healthy lifestyle. NAD+ is also naturally available in foods like meat, fish, and mushrooms.

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