Proven ways to boost your metabolism rate after 40


If you are 40 or above and freaking out about your metabolism rate, you need not worry, as there are ways which you can balance it. Your body runs on millions of chemical processes. They help you stay active and maintain a healthy life. That’s metabolism.

Most people know it as how energy is produced from food. It’s true but that’s just the Layman’s definition. At your age, metabolism decreases, but there’s no cause to panic. Stats show that it’s by about 5%.

With these practices you can boost your metabolism rate. Let’s dive in.

Detoxing your digestive system

You need to detox your digestive system because as you grow older it gets more clogged up. The digestive organs won’t perform to their optimal levels, hence, slowing down metabolism. When you detoxify, your digestive system will be free from obstruction and the organs will perform normally.

You can do so by taking more fiber and enzymes in your diet. Also, you’ll need to do away with certain foods such as;

  • Refined sugars
  • Gluten
  • Dairy

They lead to build up mucus in your digestive system, hence, the clog up.

Take more protein

They are essential to help you gain more lean muscle mass. 20 grams of protein daily is good to get you going. They even have more calories than carbohydrates. Aim to take proteins in the morning to help you refuel for the day.

Good ones for you include eggs and greek yogurt. You can mix them up with nut butter and hemp seeds if you are a smoothie person.

Drink rooibos tea

The key to boosting metabolism is detoxification. Well, rooibos tea should be your goto antioxidant. It is high in mint and flavonoids, which will help you achieve great skin. Who doesn’t want better skin? That’s an added benefit of boosting metabolism.

Take different types of proteins

There are different varieties of proteins that you can add to your diet. Plant proteins are the best. Top ones include lentils, chickpeas and black beans. They are good fiber sources, which help in digestion and bowel movement.

You should eat vegetables regularly. Some of them are rich in proteins. They include spinach and asparagus. Also, do not miss seed grains, because they are packed with proteins. Proper sources include buckwheat, amaranth and quinoa.

Animal protein is not good for you at your age. You’ll lose lean muscle mass fast. If you eat them, supplement them with vegetables and fruits. They will help reduce stunted muscle growth.

Drink lots  of water

Chicago weight loss clinic recommends a daily consumption of about 48 ounces. It is a significant metabolism booster. Avoid taking water hours within mealtime. Take a break within a 1 hour interval before and after eating to allow your digestive enzymes to perform at their optimum. It’s not scientifically proven, but water is an obvious diluter.

Work your muscles

You should work out for at least 1 hour weekly. You can divide it into two or three sessions. Working your muscles helps you burn more calories which boosts metabolism. It is also good for your overall health.

You do not have to go to the gym to work out. You can buy equipment online or from your nearest sports store, such as weights, exercise bikes, and stretch bands.

Final thoughts

The key aspects to boosting metabolism are detoxification, dieting, exercising and hydrating. This guide gives you simple steps you can take to keep your body at an optimum level. They are easy to implement. So why not get started today. You need to overhaul your diet, take enough water and antioxidants and exercise.

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