PS2 ISOs – Overview of the Main Tools for Running PS2 Games on Your Device


It goes without saying that gaming is one of the most exciting hobbies that can encourage teamwork, enhance leadership, stimulate creativity, and develop critical thinking. Sometimes, adventures on PlayStation can give you more information than reading a book. Absolutely each person played games at least once in a lifetime. But what if you don’t have a gaming console at hand? What should you do in this case? Your first and foremost task is to run over this post and get an array of insightful tips that might help you get the most out of gaming. We’ll review all the tools that every gamer needs!

What Is a PS2 ISO?

You know that the PlayStation 2 is already obsolete. The console is not offered for sale anymore. However, it was one of the most exciting consoles as around 150 million units were sold worldwide. Even when new versions hit the market, this one still remained in demand among users.

Gamers liked the PlayStation 2 mainly due to a massive collection of games that were released specifically for this version. As this gaming device is not offered for sale anymore and your old console is out of order, you can download PS2 ISOs and play these games on any modern device. An ISO file is a disc image or a copy of the original game file. So far, all retro games are stored in this format and all that you need to do is to download your favorite games and run them via a suitable emulator.

Let’s mention what games got the highest rating:

  • Tekken 5;
  • Gran Turismo 4;
  • God of War;
  • Jak and Daxter;
  • Resident Evil 4;
  • Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2;
  • Metal Gear Solid 2.

You will hardly find a gamer who has never played these fantastic games in childhood. So, we have great news for you! Today, you can also access these games and play them on any modern device!

How to Choose the Right Emulator?

Let’s begin with the basics and define the meaning of this term. An emulator is a powerful program that imitates the work of a gaming console on your computer or mobile device. Therefore, there’s no need to have a gaming console to play retro games. You only need to download the right tools that will let you enjoy the gameplay. And one of these tools is an emulation program. The greatest benefit of emulating programs is that they enable users to enjoy playing old games that were popular many years ago.

However, not all emulators are powerful and can guarantee smooth gameplay. Some of these programs are far from perfect. Therefore, your goal is to check the rating of these emulators and analyze the feedback of users. Let’s list the most widely-used emulators that have the best reputation:

  • for iOS (Virtual gaming station, Play!, RetroArch, EPSXe);
  • for Linux (Play!, PCSX2, Dolphin, ePSXe);
  • for Windows (PCSX2, Dolphin, RetroArch, Play!);
  • for Android (Dolphin, Golden PS2, BlueStack, Play!, ePSX2).

So download one of these emulators, your favorite ROM files and revel in the gameplay at any moment. It doesn’t matter where you are as thanks to these tools, you can immerse yourself in the gameplay at home, at work, or anywhere.

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