Punching Bag Exercises for Beginners

Whether you’re an athletic person who likes to try different exercises or you’re a newbie to working out, you certainly will find punching bags interesting and intriguing. As big as it is, a punching bag might startle some beginners because of its gigantic size and massive weight. However, as soon as you know where to start and how to exercise, it will be a piece of cake. You can start practicing on one that is not big or large; there are small and light punching bags available too. 

Read on to get to know some beginner exercises you can do using a punching bag.

Snapping Punch

In case you’ve been around the gym, you’ve probably heard trainers repeat that one should hit the bag not push it. Pushing the bag is commonly referred to as pushing punches, which are extremely powerful punches that aim to destroy the target and have longer contact with it to cause maximum damage. Snap punches, on the other hand, aim to have minimal contact with the target by just hitting it and immediately returning after making the contact. Snapping is considered to have a stronger effect than pushing as it allows you to punch faster and harder using less energy; all the professional fighters use this method.

Flowing Punch

This exercise is meant to make you move around the bag while punching continuously. The trick here is to be relaxed and calm while moving around. The key here is not to hit hard; it is to throw a flowing sequence of punches with minimal power. You should not throw yourself at the bag while exercising; small jumps around it will do the trick. Try to get a punching bag that will make working out comfortable for you. It is best to consider choosing a free-standing punching bag as it is perfect for people who like to practice in different locations. You don’t have to worry about having a narrow space to hang your bag; a freestanding one will make life so much easier.



It is crucial to focus on your feet’s position while you’re practicing. For beginners, footwork should be minimized and slight to avoid developing bad workouts. When you’re practicing, you can either go for a standing or a walking technique. In the standing technique, you should keep your legs solid on the ground and try to balance yourself while executing the punches. Avoid throwing your shoulders at the bag as this can make you lose your balance easily. If you want to use the walking technique, you simply walk around the bag in a relaxed manner. You shouldn’t jump around it and drain your energy; relaxed and simple steps around the bag will do the trick and help to keep you more focused on your workout.

People who workout tend to be more active and livelier than those who don’t. Exercising boosts one’s energy and develops people’s health. If you’re still a beginner and don’t know where to start, you can get yourself a punching bag at home. Try to watch online videos to learn how to practice. Make sure you check the exercises mentioned here too, as they will help you work out properly.