Quality Kitchen Cabinets: Tips to Navigate the Market


Similar to shopping for any product online, looking for kitchen cabinets on the web can lead to a wide variety of experiences. While many consumers can often eventually find what they are looking for, some get tricked or misled into buying shoddy cabinetry. There is little more frustrating than thinking you have found the ideal cabinets, only to see them deteriorate quickly, with no help from the seller. Take a look at these tips to make sure you avoid low-quality products and only end with the highest quality kitchen cabinetry available.

Take advantage of samples and prepare before you buy

It’s always beneficial to see and touch a product before you purchase it, but sometimes that is impossible. With kitchen cabinets, though, there are options. Many of the top-rated kitchen cabinet companies provide samples to customers before they commit to buying a particular cabinet. Kitchen cabinet companies offer examples of lines of cabinet doors they carry, letting the customer see how the material looks and feels. Potential customers can check the door to see how durable the panel is, if it seems easy to clean, and even if it is vulnerable to scratching and dings. This sample can help immensely if you are on the fence between a small selection of cabinets.

Particularly for ready to assemble cabinets, online cabinet sellers usually link to videos that show you how to build the unit properly. Even if you don’t watch these videos for actual instructions, you can pause them, looking closely to get a sense of the drawers, hardware, and hinges included in the products. You can glean a lot from these instructive videos. Moreover, the best websites list the materials incorporated in each kitchen cabinet piece, or you can scan the list of specifications and descriptions to delve even deeper. If you are targeting quality (as you should), you will want to see exceptional hardwoods like hard maple or oak, plywood interiors, dovetail drawers, and outstanding joinery.

The customer should be king

Like a retail company, online sellers should provide reliable service for potential customers looking into purchasing their cabinets. A shoddy, inaccessible customer service interaction should serve as an urgent warning sign. The better companies’ agents should be courteous, respectful, and informed, ready to work alongside customers throughout the kitchen design process. Without this customer service support system, remodeling – and especially buying kitchen cabinets online – is much more difficult. Whether you are undergoing a complete kitchen makeover or a minor cabinet door swap, customers should be given full attention. Whether you are buying cabinet pulls or entire Shaker kitchen cabinets, customer service agents should be available for the customer and put their concerns first. 

Vet your online cabinet seller closely

While you may see a few negative ratings for any company, no matter what industry, you’ll want to see an overwhelming majority of positive, specific reviews that highlight the company’s strengths. It is a good idea to watch out for particular positives. Companies should have fantastic customer service, whether via email, phone, or chat – or a combination of all three methods. The website of the cabinet seller should be easy to navigate, with transparent pricing and no hidden fees. The better companies provide free design consulting to customers so that remodelers can build the kitchen of their dreams with expert help. All of these components are essential, and reviews can be very informative in the world nowadays. Some companies highlight only the extremely positive testimonials, so make sure you search ratings on a neutral, unbiased site to verify the company’s online reputation.

Check the company’s policies and rules

Sometimes, there are some very sneaky clauses stuck into the back pages of contracts. You should pore over the fine print, looking for critical specifics about canceled orders, return policies, and any warranties or guarantees. You can understand a good amount about a seller just by analyzing their policy, as it highlights their customer service and whether or not they will back their products, and more importantly, you the customer. 

So, can I trust any companies for my kitchen cabinets?

There is a whole gamut of kitchen cabinet companies online, from shady, to average, to highly reputable. Being able to streamline your cabinet needs to one or two sellers is remarkable. Be sure to search for your ideal kitchen cabinet at well-reviewed and respected sites. One of these highly recommended sellers is Walcraft, which, thanks to its customer service team and exceptional products, meets all the requirements in the tips above. 

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