Quantum Healing Hypnosis: Heal Yourself


Are you surprised? As you can see the sketchy title is “heal yourself”. It is obvious since modern medicine with tremendous potential can’t assure complete healing, how could then ‘quantum healing hypnosis’ can make such things possible. If such a question bothers you, this writing will help you clear certain doubts.

What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis

You should not feel stressed about the word ‘quantum’. It is a term that comes from quantum physics and is used to describe subatomic particles. My present state of understanding is not enough to explain such a term. However, The Phrase, on the other hand, ‘quantum healing hypnosis is quite understandable. Quantum healing hypnosis is a technique, established by Dolores Cannon, to access the higher self or the self that we are not consciously aware of.

Conscious State vs Subconscious State

If you are reading this article, It means you are conscious. On the other hand, part of you that your conscious mind is completely unaware of is called the subconscious. While your conscious mind is completely aware of surroundings, interpreting anything and everything your eyes stare at, the subconscious mind is a kind of stance-like state that is highly aware and more receptive to messages. such a state can normally be experienced just before becoming awake and just before falling asleep.

How does Quantum healing Hypnosis work?

It is believed that the subconscious is a larger part of ourselves than consciousness and is connected to the source or the creator of all the universe. It is also believed that the subconscious has unlimited power to heal. Certified Practitioners like Dolores Cannon with decent experience and ability can easily enter the subject’s Somnambulistic state and treat.

The procedure is quite simple. The practitioner starts simply by saying make yourself comfortable with the subject laying in front of him. Then he asks a few questions and communicates with the subconscious.

While asking questions, practitioners navigate through multiple past lives. Between life and death, unlimited and crucial information is available to collect. The practitioner asks to identify and explain the cause behind the problem. If the problem is curable, the curing process takes place immediately. Relevant changes can be observed in the body during the process.

Benefits of Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Curing through hypnosis is miraculous. The scientific community, who always depends on evidence and experiment, may raise their hand, doubting the result of hypnosis treatment. Besides many rational questions, they could ask, nevertheless, there are thousands of pieces of live evidence that support quantum healing hypnosis as a miraculous treatment. Dolores Cannon alone handles more than thousands while, after her death, practitioners from her organization and other organizations are equally performing their duty with dignity and efficiently. Moreover, while the hypnosis process took place people other than the hypnotist and the subject can observe the result.

The consequences of the countless experiments of many practitioners for decades are given below. Moreover, subjects feel psychologically strong immediately after the therapy.

  • Cancer – It is possible to clear various types at various stages of cancer.
  • Cartilage–Although sounds unbelievable, reconstruction between joints has happened.
  • HIV – cleared and eradicated.
  • Heart – healed with no surgery required.
  • Liver – fully functional regeneration and restoration.
  • Diabetes – lower blood sugar: modern medical science doesn’t have any cure for these ailments but quantum healing like herbal, yoga, and meditation have.

Besides such cases, patients, many of them, also experience fully functional kidneys, heal different wounds, migraines Vision, diabetes, intestine problems, and many more.

Dolores Cannon has spent more than half of her life looking for a proper procedure that will guide a hypnotist. Her lifelong effort has not gone in vain, rather comes with an extraordinary method known as quantum healing hypnosis technique. Such incredible achievements in alternative healing make her famous. On the other hand, the innate insight that she shared in her book will guide us to reveal more hidden knowledge vital for humanity and subsequent generations. QHHT continues and is guiding people around the world.

Quantum healing practitioner, Dr. Ighodalo

Dr. Ighodalo, especially a herbalist, is also known as a yogi, meditation expert, mind-body therapist, and spell caster. He has been working for 33 years and cured thousands of patients. As a herbalist, Ighodalo can effectively choose and apply herbs while treating patients. While, as a  mind-body therapist and as a spell caster, Ighodalo uses the quantum healing hypnosis technique. This man is simply one out of a million.

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