Questions to Ask When Planning for a Fantastic Beach-Themed Bridal Shower


Are you the maid of honor, bridesmaid, best friend, or close female relative of the bride? 

If you want to throw a fabulous bridal shower, it doesn’t matter what your role or relationship is to the bride. As long as you sincerely wish the bride-to-be the best in her marital journey, then go ahead and plan that party.

One of the most exciting party ideas you can consider for a bridal shower is a beach-themed event. Here, you can indulge in all your coastal fantasies, don amazing outfits from a fabulous beachwear collection, and enjoy all the seashore-inspired details you come up with. 

Fanta-Sea Fest

Bridal showers are a tradition that most brides-to-be get from their closest friends or family members. This occasion is traditionally an all-female event where the guests give gifts (and nuggets of wisdom) to the bride. It’s typically held around three months to two weeks before the wedding.

Opting for a beach-themed bridal shower is a fantastic idea, especially if you know that the bride is a certified beach bunny. This theme is also an excellent choice as a prelude to a beach wedding.  Whether you dress up your place with luau décor or hold the party at a private beach club or resort, having the element of sun, sea, and sand will certainly brighten up everyone’s mood.

Here are some questions you need to consider when putting together a beach-themed bridal bash:

1. Is it a surprise?

Decide whether you want the party to be a surprise for the bride or not. If it is, you must remember to consider the bride’s preferences when organizing the party. If it’s not, then make sure to consult the bride regarding important decisions, such as the food and decor. 

Whether it’s a surprise or not, bear in mind that this is a celebration in honor of the bride, so always consider what she likes

2. Who’s coming?

You should then think of whom to invite for the get-together. Usually, female relatives, friends, and colleagues close to the bride are the attendees. 

If the bride knows about the event, it’s best to ask her for a list of people to join the party. If it’s a surprise, then try to ask her closest friends (if you’re not one of them) or family members.

3. Where’s the party?

 A beach-themed wedding means you can take the party pretty much anywhere. It can be at your crib, your friend’s studio, the bride’s home, your local hangout, at a posh hotel, or even your high-school gymnasium. And yes, if you want to keep it real, then you can hold it in a beach club or go Crazy Rich Asian-inspired and jet off to a private island.

Book the venue ahead of time and coordinate closely with the management. Make sure that you read the terms and conditions. Be clear on details such as who will take care of the decorations, passes needed for third-party suppliers and guests, and other specifics to ensure that the party will flow smoothly.

Make sure that guests will find the venue with ease and convenience. If guests are flying in, offer a shortlist of lodgings where they can stay. If the venue is far away from everyone else, make sure to book transportation and accommodations. If there’s going to be drinking involved, have an app or the phone number of a chauffeur company on standby or assign a designated driver.

4. What’s the attire?

One of the most fun things about themed parties is the opportunity to dress up. Since it’s a beach-themed event, there are plenty of fabulous options for you and the rest of the gang to choose from. What’s more, you can even order amazing beach outfits online and have these delivered straight to your door.

Specify the time and the attire on the invitation so guests can better plan their wardrobe. For example, if the invitation says lunchtime and casual chic, guests can go in their pretty embroidered mini-dresses, high-waisted shorts, loose-fit tops, or an oversized kaftan dress.

Should the invitation say evening affair and semi-formal attire, guests can come appropriately dressed. They can wear a printed chiffon blouse paired with white cord waistband shorts with lace inserts. Some may even opt to wear an oversized embroidered kimono over a tube top and wide-legged trousers.

5. How much is your budget?

Traditionally, the host of the bridal shower is the one who pays for the event. Nowadays, it can be a choice of whether to split the check among the organizers or decide to do a potluck. Others also go by dividing the expenses, and the work involved equally among the guests.

The budget will depend on how big or small you want your party to be. If the sky’s the limit, then, by all means, go and treat the bride to an all-expense paid bridal shower bonanza. If you’re watching the purse strings, try to cut down by doing DIY stuff and keeping it simple but memorable.

6. What’s for lunch (or dinner)?

 What’s a party without filling the tummy? Whether you decide to prepare the food yourself, hire a caterer, let the venue kitchen provide the meals, or even order in, make sure that it is something the bride likes. Also, check if she has any allergies or food intolerance to ensure that the party will go without a hitch.

Consider the food that you would typically eat at the beach to give that coastal flavor. Options can range from seafood, tropical fruits, barbecues, or exotic island dishes.

7. What are the activities?

Bridal showers are made more fun with games and activities. You can open the party by allowing your guests to take their pick from a beach-themed wardrobe. It can be like a scavenger hunt where they can grab outfits on the rack, and whatever they pick in the allotted time can be theirs.

There should also be trivia games about the bride, spin-the-bottle, truth-or-dare, and other thrilling games.

It’s a Shore Thing

The key to a successful beach-themed bridal shower is preparation. You need to invest time, effort, and resources to put together a bridal shower for the books. 

Always keep the bride’s preferences and tastes in mind – from the beach attire to the food – and you can look forward to sending her off in a bridal shower she’ll remember forever.


Andrea Bertinetti is the Marketing Manager at Scarlett Poppies, a vivacious Dubai-based resort and beachwear brand that offers edgy, easy-breezy, and effortlessly cool pieces designed by a cultural melting pot of designers. Influenced by tribal trends with a touch of Scandinavian flair, the brand’s beachwear styles are always ethereal and minimalistic.

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