Rain Essentials for Fashionable Women

For women, the rainy weather may inhibit them from dressing up because being drenched in the rain will just ruin their outfits. But you don’t really have to worry about this because there are numerous rain essentials that can get you covered. Read on to find out what you need to ensure that you will look fabulous, regardless of the gloomy weather.


Your first line of defense against the rain is your umbrella so don’t leave home without it, especially during the rainy season. There are long umbrellas that can complement what you are wearing or your accessories. There are also those compact umbrellas that you can conveniently store in your bag when not in use.

Jacket and Sweater

The first thing that you need in rainy weather is something to keep yourself warm and dry. Thereby, invest in a versatile jacket that you can wear to work. You can also opt for a cute sweater for a more casual look. There are also rain jackets that can help you achieve a more stylish look while keeping you dry. Also, you can prefer Womens Coats which are one of the best rain essentials fashion trends for fashionable women.

Waterproof Shoes

Make sure your feet are warm and dry by wearing waterproof shoes. Monotone-colored boots seem to be a thing of the past. Nowadays, waterproof shoes come in various styles and designs that can go well with your outfit. There are pumps that you can use to go to work, or sneakers that embrace a more laid back look.

Water-resistant Bag

Keep your belongings dry and functional by storing them in water-resistant bags. The best bags that you can use during the rainy season are those made of polyester or nylon that is woven closely together to prevent water from seeping in. You can find tote bags or backpacks that are water-resistant. There are also duffel bags and sling bags that offer the same features. Choose one that will most likely complement what you are wearing.


Not only will a scarf keep you warm and dry, but it can seal off your overall look as well. It can keep you comfortable when the rain suddenly starts to fall, and you can also take it off easily as soon as the rain stops. Use scarves in plain color if you are already wearing plaids and prints, but you have the option of using printed scarves when what you are wearing leans towards a monotone theme.

Neutral-Colored Underwear

There will be unfortunate instances when you will accidentally get splashed on by cars passing through puddles of water. It can also be that you forgot your umbrella when suddenly it rained and you got drenched. It helps to wear womens underwear with a neutral color, such that even if you are dressed in white and you get soaked, you will not reveal what undergarments you are wearing.

Neutral Colored Underwear

In short, don’t let the rainy season be a reason to dress down. You can still look fashionable in a rain jacket or sweater sealed off with a pair of  waterproof shoes. Adorn your look with a waterproof bag and scarf and you are on your way to becoming a fashionista, without getting soaked up in the rain.