Ram Duriseti introduces you to the idea of a hidden gym at homes during COVID-19


With the increase of the worldwide pandemic and the instructions by the government asking people to stay at home, the possibility of gym workout has become impossible. The need to maintain social distance has also made it impossible for the general public to make use of parks and public fields. Hence, Ram Duriseti has tried to bring the masses’ attention towards household items that you may use effectively as gym equipment to cater to the physical well-being during COVID-19.

Some household items that can substitute gym equipment as stated by Ram Duriseti

These items which are available to you but have rarely caught your attention as gym equipment are as follows:

  • Water bottles: Water bottles apart from performing the primary function of storing water and other liquid items can also turn into dumbbells. You may use these as weightlifters to do a wide range of exercises like shoulder and overhead press, bicep curls, chest files on the ground, and triceps kickbacks.
  • Couch: Your couch can also turn into gym equipment as they help to do bodyweight exercises such as triceps dips. You may do push-ups with hands on the couch and feet on the floor or vice versa. Planks, mountain climbers, and side planks on the sofa can all work wonderfully without professional equipment.
  • Bed: Improving balance reduces injury risks and also increases core strength. You can use the bed to stand on one foot and try to balance it. And to test yourself further, you can also close your eyes if you are very good at balancing.
  • Liquid detergent: Often, gallon jugs of water and liquid soap can offer a good substitute for kettlebells with their convenient handles and hefty weight. Kettlebell moves include single-arm and two-arm swings, single-arm swing to the chest, high pulls, halos, and windmills.
  • Tape: Painter’s tape and masking tapes have become quite popular because it is removable without leaving a mark. You may do all kinds of balance exercises with a single line of tape on the floor. Walking toe-to-toe from one end to the other can be a good choice. Also, you can stand behind the line and jump over it both back and forth with this tape.
  • Towel: You can do deep stretches with the help of towels. To stretch the chest and arm while standing, hold on to one end in each hand, reach up and move your hand outside. You can also use a towel to stretch the triceps and biceps.
  • Stairs: Having a staircase can help you do your warm-up effectively, and it is also a good workout for legs. Going up and down the stairs is a good cardio workout. You should use these alternatives for calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

A glance around the house can help you choose the most appropriate items for your daily home workout. Exercise takes care of your physical health and your mental well-being simultaneously. Hence even when you are home confined, you should set your homes into a hidden home fitness gym.

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