Ranking Triple A Slot Games At SCR888

SCR888 has some of the best games in the world. Their fishing games are exquisite, their slot games are appealing and their live table experiences are extremely immersive. Players will have to be careful while playing at SCR888 because their games are too addictive, once you launch their app it is almost impossible for you to put down your phones. SCR888 has partnered up with tons of famous online software providers, this is why their collection of games are so impressive.

Out of all the games at SCR888 Slots, we love their slot games the most, they are just so easy to pick up, the gameplay is smooth, the design is pleasing and the skill ceiling is decently high. We have checked out almost every slot game available at SCR888, and we especially enjoyed the ones provided by Triple A. Before today, Triple A or AAA is yet unknown to us, now we understand they are a force to be reckoned with, because the quality of their slot games are no joke. This type of quality that is so consistent, covering such a large arsenal of games, is truly rare in the online casino industry, which is why we would like to take this opportunity to recommend their games to our readers. The following is a ranked list of all the slot games provided by Triple A, available to play at SCR888:

1. Hot Seven

Hot Seven is pretty mundane. The gameplay is smooth, but there is just nothing going for the visual design. It revolves around mere numbers and diagrams, which can be a bore to stare at, especially in a slot game that requires the player to stare at the screen for hours on end.

2. Tank Attack

Featuring military aesthetics such as grenades, rifles, and of course, tanks. We had high expectations going into this game because we are also military enthusiasts, but the art is just so-so. It was a bit of a let down to be honest.

3. Ancient Egypt

The slot game is based on the civilization of ancient Egypt, responsible for building the great pyramids. The visual design revolves around powerful pharaohs and beautiful slaves. The entire game is tinted with gold, which makes it even more pleasing to look at.

4. Evil King OX

Evil King OX is based on chinese mythology. The evil king OX is an evil demon straight from hell and it is up to you, with your magical tools such as the large fan, strengthening wine and enchanting fairies to fight against him.

5. Guardians of Flowers

This is first on the list because we could not take our eyes off the screen while playing it. To put it simply, this game is art. It is a testament that the boundaries of slot games can indeed be pushed, changing its form into a painting that can be hung and appreciated at the museum. The models and flower art of this game are truly out of this world, and we love every bit of it.

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