Read How to Easily Make Relaxing Incense Sticks at Home

Incense is a fragrant and biotic product used to create a pleasant and relaxing space for an individual. It has different uses in different areas. Mostly in Asia, it is used for religious and ceremonial customs, whereas you will find many CBD incense products in a departmental store for mental relaxation reasons. It holds more than just permeating its aroma in your environment.

It has been studied that incense shows a positive impact on a person’s mind and body, supporting inner clarity and peace. It could be similar to the holistic healing of your body, doing aromatherapy to promote your wellbeing with the help of herbs and other plant extracts.

They have different advantages as herb oils vary in nature and can have a diverse impact on you. They are of various uses, like to increase your focus on the work, growing confidence and encouraging inner motivation.

But what if you do not want to go out or want to prepare a particular incense for yourself? We will provide you with an easy guide to make your own incense product at home to cherish the creativity and aroma.

How to Make Incense Sticks?

Those who often use incense sticks are aware of the fact that not all sticks are equal. It is also known that a few of the incense products in the market contain toxic substances that will do damage to your body rather than providing benefits. Please ensure that you are buying high-quality CBD incense boxes as poor products can cause respiratory problems.

To shower in the rain of satisfaction, we would advise you to make your own incense sticks. It gives you all the peace and fulfillment even before you burn them, as you know what has gone into its production.

Without further ado, we shall start the process of making incense sticks.


Firstly, you have to choose the type of fragrance you require and the ingredients that will go into the process to attain the desired scent. Selecting your favorite aroma is a simple method. Just go for the product that soothes you or even blend multiple herbs to make a distinctive fragrance.

The famous herb scents include lavender, mint, rosemary, peppermint and sandalwood, etc. We will share a trick with you to know how your incense stick will smell eventually. This will help you save time and would not require you to go through the complete process. Take a few dried herbs you are using and put them on the burning coals, often used for smoking hookahs. The fumes these dried leaves release would be pretty similar to the incense sticks you are creating.


It is important to select a foundation or a base that helps burn your product steadily and gradually to avoid the instant burning of your sticks. It depends on you if you want a simple base or a scented one.

These are made from woody plants, namely sandalwoods. You can make sawdust or wood shavings using a mixer for the selected base for the powder that will be used on your sticks.


In this step, you have to select the fluid you want for your incense sticks. You can use herbal oils or tinctures to give a hint of a different fragrance to your product. However, you can also use water, which is the simplest and cheapest way available.


It is not necessary but you can also use colors to make your incense sticks beautiful. You can use herbs’ pigments or even food coloring is sufficient to give your product an attractive look.

Hold it Together

Finally, you have to choose something that holds your sticks together and makes it immune to fragility. You can use gums or herbal resins for it but you can use various binders to make perfectly-shaped incense sticks.


Make sure you have a mixer, few vessels, measuring cups or bowls or a ladle. You also require a wooden board. It is artsy and you freely craft the product.

Your herbs must be dried before grinding them into power. You can use this powder with the base making 2:1 parts herb base. It depends on the amount and volume of sticks you are using. You can use the measuring material for precision.

Once your mixture is complete, you can use three parts of your fluid to five parts of the dough to enable your adhesive agent for its gluey performance. Stir it with the ladle to create a thick consistency for your incense sticks.

Just cover them in a cone or anything you like and leave it on the board for drying. Finally, put it inside a tightly packed container to protect its freshness following its dryness.