Reasons Packaging is More Important Than Products


Studies suggest that it takes the first few seconds for people to form an opinion, which is why first impressions are so important. When it comes to products, the packaging is essentially the first aspect that customers notice, the basis on which they create perceptions.

These perceptions can heavily influence the decision-making process, which is why manufacturers should pay more attention to the packaging. But that’s not all. There are many more reasons why packaging is considered even more important than the product.


In today’s stiff competition, there is nothing more vital than differentiating your product from competitors. Packing is what makes your product stand out from the crowd and help customers differentiate your brand from the rest. Retailers and supermarkets arrange similar products together, which is why it becomes even more critical for your product to make its mark through packaging—everything from the design and shape to the colour of the label matters.


Packaging is the only way to let potential consumers know why your product is worth their time and money. Window boxes and transparent packing are great ways to allow customers to sneak peek into the product and decide. Brand logo, names and labels help customers associate the product with your brand. Besides this, the information on the package reveals ingredients, manufacturing process and time stamps, assisting buyers to become more confident in their purchase. 

Product Protection

The packaging is the first layer of defence for the contents, protecting the core product from damages. It keeps the product safe from the external environment and increases the shelf-life, keeping the insides intact. 

Reliable and robust product packaging is essential, especially for perishable products that quickly go bad. This is a core reason behind companies spending more on the packaging than the product itself. 

Grabs Attention

The main job of any product packaging is to attract customers who would eventually buy the product. No matter how great your product, the sales would be poor if the packaging is not ideal. Add to that the number of offerings in the market, and your product can have a far more difficult time attracting buyers.

Today’s customers spend time to research before buying. The right packaging displays the product’s benefits, helping customers decide. A well-designed package also utilizes marketing elements of suitable fonts and colours in the text and logo to make an impact in viewers’ minds.

Brand Awareness

Packaging has evolved far beyond what it used to be a decade ago. It is no longer a bare minimum for logistics. Today, packaging plays a massive role in representing brand values. For instance, packaging made of recycled materials conveys that environmental awareness is one of the top priorities of your brand. This is why it is necessary to choose a reputed packaging solutions provider like Omni Group.

Considering the significant impact of packaging on the success of a product, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that packaging is, indeed, as important as your product, if not more.

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