Reasons to Hire an Attorney After an Auto Collision


If you have never had the honor of being in a car wreck, you should consider yourself as being fortunate. The reason why is because no matter how careful a driver can be, the chances of being involved in a car accident are high every time they step foot behind the driver’s wheel. With that said, it can’t be stressed enough as to how important it is to be fully prepared in case of an accident occurs.

If you ever are in a car accident where injuries are incurred, there are two options available as far as representation is concerned. These are self-representation or by hiring the best Los Angeles auto injury attorney that money can buy.

When hiring a good car accident attorney, you automatically gain many advantages as opposed to self-representation. In this article, we explain a few of them so you’ll know what to look forward to if you decide to pursue a case.

Time is of the Essence

Many state laws include statute of limitations which governs the time period for filing different types of claims in court. This includes claims due to an auto accident. The time frame differs upon the type of claim.

The good part is that your attorney will know what this timeframe will be. Not only will they have an understanding of it that is thorough, but they will work endlessly to ensure that all deadlines are met.

So if you wish to avoid forfeiting your right to sue, then you need to make sure you and your attorney are on the same page.

Getting What You’re Worth

Everyone knows that dealing with an insurance company following a car accident can seem like a big waste of time. This is why your Los Angeles auto injury attorney will make it their priority to obtain the most compensation. They understand that insurance companies always start off on the low end if they need to payout. This is why your attorney will be able to get you the right amount because if the insurance company is able to start off low then they should have no problem going up a little more too.

So keep that in mind as you choose your representation because this knowledge can determine the amount you receive when it comes time for the insurance company to payout.

Proving Liability

When it comes to lawsuits involving car accidents, a lot is dependent upon the eyewitnesses who saw it happen and the police reports taken at the scene. For you to prove liability, you will need to obtain these reports as your evidence for your claim.
Having a great attorney on your side will guarantee that the process will be a smooth one from start to finish.

Not only that, but if you and your attorney’s negotiations are unsuccessful out-of-court, then having this evidence will come in handy as you settle it in court, as this will be the deciding proof to put it all to rest.

Having this benefit will allow your attorney to present your case which can help you get the results you deserve from the court.  Be sure to get help with situations like a Louisiana Traffic Ticket.

Determining the Time to Settle

When you have a professional to back you up, you will have the confidence of knowing when to settle as well as having someone who will file your claim with your interest in mind.

When you enlist the help of a good car accident lawyer, you’ll know what steps are to be taken next as well as the exact time to take them. As you allow them to advise you, you’ll benefit from the knowledge that they have obtained over the years.

Contingency is Key

The majority of attorneys have no problem working solely for contingency fees especially when they are a good car accident lawyer. So what does this mean for you exactly? This means your attorney gets paid only if you win your case and only receives the fee that was agreed upon.

On the off chance that your case is lost, then no attorney fees will be paid. Although many don’t see this as being ideal, it does have the benefit of carrying no risk. So because of this, it would probably behoove you in doing it.

This will prevent you from adding to the difficulty and stress of trying to devise a plan for self-representation. This is great because you’ll be allowed to carry on with your life while your attorney handles your case.

Court Representation That is Aggressive As Can Be

It’s obvious that you want the best representation possible, which is why when you have the best, you also will have the most aggressive in your corner willing to go the distance for your case.

This means they will work their hardest for you and always give you their undivided attention on all matters relating to the case. They understand the right you have and know that you deserve compensation.

Don’t Take the Chance

In the world of law, there are many things that must be understood. One of many includes deciding to represent yourself and not understanding the repercussion of such a decision.

This can be a huge risk to take and it has nothing to do with whether an attorney will win for you, but rather if you will be successful at all to reap the rewards that you are due.

Here is why. If a mistake is made or if you simply do not know the process, then you run the chance of losing a lot more than a simple fee from an attorney. Bottom line is that you put yourself at a higher risk of having your lawsuit ruled against you.

Plus, if that happens then that’s it. You then become ineligible to resubmit as opposed to having representation. This is why it cannot be stressed enough to have the legal know-how available.

The Value of Your Claim Can Be Evaluated

When you hire an attorney who specializes in auto accidents, you will have a professional who can easily evaluate the worth of your claim and provide an estimate.

Having this knowledge is crucial as you enter the claims process and begin to negotiate with the other parties’ insurance provider. This is why you need to be aware of any “low ball offers” that the insurance company tries to pull. Your legal representation will be able to recognize this and advise you on whether their offer of compensation is within the means of your injury’s realistic worth.

The good thing to know is that your accident lawyer will sit down with you and discuss your claim’s circumstances so a monetary figure can be reached. Doing this they will be able to determine:

The amount of personal expense was incurred through medical expenses.

The number of lost wages due to injury and if they kept you from working.

The amount of income you may have accumulated whether it is in the future or past as if you never got injured at all.

Auto repair costs if your vehicle was not determined to be a “total loss” by your insurance company. This includes any and all personal property damaged in the accident.

If you are in need of finding an accident lawyer who will provide your case with the personal touch that you require, then you should be on the phone now. Because the sooner you contact West Coast Trial Lawyers for information, the sooner you can get your life back to normal.

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