Reasons why arrange marriage works in India

Even when India is globalizing, one may think progressing why we are still stuck with the old-school concept of arranged marriage. Arranged marriage is a type of marital union where some third party selects the groom and bride; it may be the Canada matrimonial Punjabi site or your parents. This is a common way of Indian marriage known to the world. Recently, arranged marriage has been common in India and some other countries.

Some reasons why arranged marriage is suitable for Indians.

  • Marriage- a bond between two families: when you marry your partner, you do not just let the whole family into your lives and vice-a-versa. During an arranged marriage, couples would be supported by the families in any up and down or family crisis. They did not suffer from the guilt of disrespecting their families. That is one of the basic flashpoints in love marriage.
  • Level of equality: equality of two families matters a lot in any marriage, be it financial, emotional, religious, educational, or worldview. As families do the mapping, they tend to go for a profile that is equal in every sense.
  • Goal compatibility: as per the recent research, people doing arrange marriage- or who have had someone as per their parents wish chosen for them by a matchmaker or parent- tend to feel more romantic or in love as time grows. Still, those in traditional marriages feels less loved lover the time. Relationship experts claim this is because arranged marriage candidates are attentively matched with a potential partner along with the priorities of both candidates.
  • Social compatibility: India has vast cultural, traditional, and diversified food items. A marriage is a lifestyle change for any couple and their families. While in an arranged marriage, every aspect of society has been considered by parents before finalizing the candidates.
  • Personality: During an arranged marriage, it is believed that the system of the people involved is an extrapolation of their elders. Their long experience, vision and expectations are usually synced withier parents.
  • Novelty and excitement: in an arranged marriage, there is more excitement compared to a loved one. Couples are curious to live with each other, understand each other well and know their secrets.
  • Promises for Stay attached: as per science, we humans have three attraction centers in the brain. Which is lust, second is romance, third is attachment. Arranged marriage is designed to eliminate first and second. The promises to stay attached to each other makeup for love and lust. Australian matrimonial sites give facility for choosing profiles as per the priorities.
  • Enough time to discover each other: in any arranged marriage, after parents’ decision and meet-ups about the compatibility of both the families, the opinion and concurrence of the candidates are considered. Generally, they are allowed to talk to each other take their own time to know what they are looking for.
  • Finances: your family already chose profile as per their financial status, which reduces the chances of divorces in any arranged marriage.