Reasons Why Gamification Is A Trending Topic In Workplaces And Should Be Essentially Incorporated In Offices


Have you heard about gaming in the workplace? This may sound something new to a few of you reading this article, but it has some deep roots buried deep inside that have been working wonders in companies that have adopted this technology to encourage and keep their employees happy.

May it be a pool table to turn and twist some balls into the court or simple video games that can give the employees a few moments of chill pill or word games like; games can do more than you think.

So here are a few probable reasons why a short game break is good at workplace:

Builds team spirit

Cohesiveness is a primary requirement for different individuals to work as a team, and that is precisely playing games together brings to the table. You can easily spot colleagues bitching behind each other’s back.

But when the annual day is soon to hit the corner, and the management announces a series of games and leagues for the week, all this bitching and ditching loses its existence, and you can find people bonding together to make teams play together.

Hence, it is easy to conclude that the inclusion of games can fuse team spirit and may even turn foes and competitors into friends for a lifetime.

Sets off strong bonds

These days’ corporate sectors are all about work, more work, and some more work, thus hardly the co-workers get time to bond with each other. After a day-long hectic schedule, all that an employee may want is to go back home and hit their beds for a cozy sleep.

Hence bonding and hanging out usually does not happen until it is the weekend and people finally get to make a hangout plan a success. But if the co-workers get a break in between their office schedule where they can play along with each other, then building bonds may not have to wait for the weekend.

While playing together, the colleagues get to know a little more about each other, which lowers down the discrepancies and misunderstandings and triggers better relationships at the workplace.

Promotes Pomodoro productivity

Pomodoro is all about taking breaks in between to enhance productivity. It may be highly boring when you have to sit down all day long on your office chair, hitting your eyes on the computer screen and fingers on the keyboard.

Further, it may also lower productivity because if a person is forced to do the same work for prolonged periods with no breaks or negligible breaks in between. Short gaming breaks can boost up the cognitive functions of an individual and escalate the productivity factor.

Taking short breaks in between may seem like a waste of time, but in reality, such a technique promotes quality of work and hikes productivity compared to a person who sits down to work at a stretch.

Taking a simple time-out session may give you a break from your screen, but your mind may still be wandering around your office desk thinking about what to do next.

But if you indulge in a short gaming session during the break, you actually get to cut yourself from the work activity that allows you to walk back to your office cubicle with a fresh mindset.

It makes you fall in love with your workplace

Usually, employees have a notion that workplaces are meant for work and only work and nothing else, whereas home is intended for all the good things such as relaxation, spending time with family and friends, enjoying some recreational activities, and a lot more.

Thus everyone can fall in love with their home but not with their office because their work environment lacks things that make them feel happy. Gaming can be a savior in this case as it can help in relaxing your nerves.

Incorporating gamification techniques in office premises builds happy-looking employees who would not refrain themselves from walking back to their desks.

It aids in bridging the gap between work activities and recreation, which makes the work environment more of a leisure and fun-filled place where one would not complain walking inside to earn their daily bread.

Stress reliever

Workplaces are usually considered a stressful place where one has to attend meetings, clients, colleagues, management, abide by rules, meet deadlines, and a lot more. These reasons are enough to make one feel stressed while carrying out their daily office chores.

Gaming is an incredible way of giving some bit of relaxation to such a stress-filled environment and irksome nerves. Gamification techniques are mighty enough to relieve stress, which also offers satisfaction and a sense of contentment.

Problem-solving approach

There are many games that may help you to excel as a problem-solving person. Multiple games work on the theme of making the player face obstacles and cross hurdles to make their way towards victory.

This may sound simple as a layman, but it has a deep meaning hidden behind it. When you play such games at your workplace, you train yourselves to become a problem-solver; you get to think logically and make use of your strategies to pave your way to the winning spot.

Hence, playing such games helps you master the art of planning, building strategies, searching for alternate plans, and building problem-solving skills that can come in handy at any point in time.

It gives inspiration for fresh ideas

Playing games also triggers creativity; thus, there are high chances of fresh and inspirational ideas sprucing up in your mind while playing games. Who knows, an idea to crack your next project may be hidden in the castle game you play?

Thus, introducing games in the work environment can bring inspiration and a competitive edge.


Technology has been ever-changing since its inception, and thus we humans who have actually taken technology to the top spot should learn to change ourselves as per the changing trends.

Introduction of game breaks and gamification techniques may sound like a time-waster to most of the management and top-level authorities, but in reality, it can fuse some significant improvements and achievements.


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