Reasons Why Seth Rollins Burned Down Firefly Fun House


The WWE fans were left surprised when they saw a direct confrontation between the then Universal Champion Seth Rollins and the Fiend, Bray Wyatt backstage. However, technically speaking it happened at the Firefly Fun House which was a stage for Bray Wyatt to interact with his little cartoon characters and that was being loved by the audience as well. However, what has left the audience by surprise was the fact that Seth was actually successful in destroying the Firefly Fun House something none of them had expected to happen that day.

After the conclusion of the WWE Raw episode on 14 October 2019, the audience had speculation that the Firefly Fun House episode would be respawned later that week, but that remained mere speculation and was never realized into a reality. That is the reason why many were looking for an answer to the question that what made Seth Rollins destroy that firefly Fun House which was being well received by the audience. And even though he had done it, why didn’t the WWE make any attempt to rebuild that Firefly Fun House. But the questions were answered that same day itself when the Superstar Shakeup was taking place during that week in the WWE.

The Red brand of the WWE had already made it clear that it won’t be holding Th Fiend Bray Wyatt exclusively, as he was a part of the Blue Brand after the Superstar Shakeup that week. Also, the WWE Raw is aired on the USA Network whereas the SmackDown had recently switched itself over to the Fox Network which made it take place again on Friday night instead of Tuesday Night. However, with The Fiend Bray Wyatt moving to the SmackDown brand, the FOX had made it clear that they won’t buy any of those cartoon characters along with Bray Wyatt. There are confirmed reports that the FOX did want Bray Wyatt, The Fiend which has been one of the deadliest characters of the WWE in the past decade. Therefore, he was made to be in a brawl against Seth Rollins and there was a lot that could have been done to shut the showdown.

But the WWE had another plan in mind and they made Seth Rollins destroy the Firefly Fun House in order to bid adieu to the Red Brand as the SmackDown is all about sports and those cartoon characters would not have found themselves fitting in there. Hence, a better way was to close it when it was least expected and that is what WWE did. With Bray Wyatt being promoted for both Raw and SmackDown until December, there seems to be a small indication that Seth Rollins will be back on the SmackDown show to retrieve his title. But that depends on a lot of things such as Rey Mysterio facing Brock Lesnar at the Survivor Series. The Beast holds the WWE World Heavyweight title at present and is exclusive to SmackDown but Rey, on the other hand, is on Raw which makes the current things in WWE somewhat mixed up.

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