Reasons why you need a second bathroom

A second bathroom is a popular addition to a smaller three-bedroom home. It doesn’t have to be as fully featured as the main bathroom. In fact, it might consist of a toilet, a sink, and not much else. But the mere presence of the facilities will provide a range of benefits that hugely outweighs the cost.

So why might you want a second bathroom? Let’s look at a few of the factors at play.

Catering to Demand

If you’re living in a crowded house, you might find life difficult with just one bathroom – especially during busy periods like the early morning, when the facilities are in high demand. Adding a second bathroom will help out in these situations, helping to ease the demand, and ensure that everyone can use the toilet pretty much whenever the need arise.

Resale Value

The addition of a second bathroom can bolster the value of your property by as much as 5%. This figure can vary, naturally depending on the features you’re adding, and the space that you’re building the second bathroom into. An additional spare room can be just as valuable – so make sure that you don’t add the bathroom at the expense of something even more valuable.

Demand for a second bathroom is increasing, with more and more people now working from home. 86% of house-hunters are willing to pay more for a home equipped with a second bathroom, according to research by The Bathroom Showroom. The polling revealed that younger generations are willing to pay more for a new bathroom, with 95% of those aged 25-34 willing to pay more.

As such, it’s fair to say that a bathroom is an investment that will continue to pay off long into the future.


If you’re having guests over, having everyone traipse upstairs to the main bathroom can be a pain. Much easier to have people use the facilities downstairs. If people are staying the night, then they might benefit from an additional ensuite in the guest facilities. An additional bathroom allows you to cope with a crowded house, and to present your guests with just that extra touch of luxury. It’s a sure-fire way to impress!


A variety of different bathrooms in your home will allow you to be more selective about the kind of experience you have. You might install a wet-room or waterfall shower in one, and jet bathtub in another, with different kinds of radiator and towel-rail in each.

If you have particular needs, then installing a particular kind of bathroom might be advantageous. For example, if you regularly come through the garage in a filthy wetsuit, having a wet-room downstairs might save you the trouble of spreading dirt through the house.