Reasons Why You Should Earn a Master’s Degree in Education


As a teacher, you are probably snowed under with work, and you already have enough to do in the evenings besides studying up for yet another qualification. However, a master’s degree has many positive attributes. With a master’s degree, you are more likely to be promoted in your current area of work, you will be presented with opportunities to branch out, and you can benefit from a higher salary. Here is a short guide to how you can earn your master’s degree while working and what you can do once you have achieved it.

Achieve Your Degree Online

Many people think they cannot balance another degree with a professional job. However, achieving a higher qualification in education doesn’t mean you have to take time off work. Online courses are flexible and convenient for working professionals. Using a top-quality, online platform you can earn an extra degree at your own pace while you work. This means that you will be in control of when you learn. Check out this link to learn how to enroll in associate degrees from technical schools online.

Marian University Fond Du Lac

Marian University is based in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, but they provide flexible programs with online courses. With their flexible program, you can choose from a wide selection of classes every four weeks, and you can customize your completion plan to suit your needs.

Enhance Your Teaching

Everyone should strive to be better in what they do, even teachers who have been around for some time. Investing in your own professional development can enhance your skills as an educator and help you reach out to students in a more engaging way. Help your students be the best they can be by investing in your own education and enhancing your skillset as a teacher.

Higher Salary

Whether you opt for an online degree or a conventional one on campus, tuition costs can be high. However, teachers with a master’s degree typically earn more than those with just a bachelor’s degree. Depending on which state you teach in, you could earn approximately $40,000 more. However, this isn’t the norm. Studies show that new teachers earn $2,760 more in their first year, and experienced teachers earn $7,358 more per year. In general, teachers with a master’s degree earn around $5,285 more.

Specialized Areas

After you graduated with a bachelor’s degree, you probably searched high and low for any sort of teaching job and then settled on the first one that agreed to hire you. With a master’s degree, you will have the freedom to move into a specialist area. Even though you were happy to take any teaching job before achieving a master’s degree, you will have a broader range of choices available to you. You can choose to specialize in different areas within education depending on the type of degree you opt for. This can include special education, elementary, curriculum, and instruction. Investing in further education and taking the opportunity to grow within your industry can make your role in education more fulfilling.

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