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Are you going to buy a new rechargeable LED torch? If so, then you must read this article. Because after reading this, all your queries about rechargeable LED torch will be no more.

In Tanzania, the second most used source of light is the torch or rechargeable lamps. In 2018, around 27.5 percent of people used torch or rechargeable lamps for light. But different people use the rechargeable LED torch for various purposes like electricians, technicians, or mechanics use this torch for professionals. At the same time, it is also being used for domestic use.

What is Rechargeable LED Torch?

A torch is a portable light or electric lamp that is battery powered. But what about a rechargeable LED torch?

This torch contains LED and LED stands for light-emitting diode. LED is used to produce with more than 90 percent efficiency. It means LED torch is more efficient than other torches and consumes less battery power to create more light for a longer time.

When we further move into the detail, we see that the torch is always of two types and one of which is “rechargeable”. Rechargeable LED torch contains rechargeable batteries that can be recharged using:

  • Micro USB or charger.
  • Solar energy.

Rechargeable battery Torch vs Disposable battery Torch

These both torches have their different features and importance. You have to look after your priorities to choose one.

We all know that unscrewing and putting another AAA battery or cell into a torch is a highly irritating job to do. While recharging a torch, using its charger is unfamiliar to us because we are used to this work by using mobile phones.

Moreover, disposable batteries are too expensive if we think about them ultimately. And these batteries are also harmful to our environment. In comparison, rechargeable lithium batteries are long-lasting and reliable. We can use them for a more extended period. We need electricity to charge them after some time.

What should you Look at before buying Rechargeable LED Torch?

So, these are some features and aspects you have to look at before buying a rechargeable LED torch:

Run Time

A good rechargeable LED torch should turn on after 20-30 seconds for the first time. If you are going to buy a new rechargeable LED torch must turn it on. If it turns within 30 seconds, you should buy it; otherwise, don’t buy it.

Water Resistance

It is mainly something that you cannot test yourself while buying a rechargeable LED torch. Because that torch was not waterproof, then you have to pay for it. Anyways, you can ask the shopkeeper or the salesman about its water resistance.

Note: Water resistance does not mean that you are going to put your torch into the water. If a rechargeable LED torch resists a spray of water, then it means it is well water-resistant.

Beam Distance

You have to test or just read on the packing of the torch whether this rechargeable LED torch will go far or not. You have to measure the beam distance in meters from where the torch’s light seems like moonlight. It means a dim light.

Impact resistance

It is also measured in meters. If you are going to test the impact resistance of your torch, please make sure that it is hard and solid enough because you have to drop it from a certain distance (not much) six times. If, after those drops, your torch is still working pretty nicely, then it means that it will resist accidental drops.

Note: The company usually does all these tests in the factories. But there is no harm to test them at home for solace.

How Long does Rechargeable LED Torch last?

As these torches are rechargeable and contain LED, they must be long-lasting because an LED torch is more efficient than an ordinary torch. And when you are going with a rechargeable torch, you will also get rid of changing cells or batteries.

But the exact time depends on the quality and company of the torch.

The Bottom Line

Torch is a need of humans at this age. Whether it is for house or professional use, you should have a torch, and a rechargeable LED torch would be best. But, it is your choice to choose the type of torch.

Keep one important thing in mind: don’t go for cheaper torches because these torches will not save your money. Instead, they will waste your money. And be aware of some facts and features of the torch that you must see before buying one. We will recommend you to visit this page to find best one.

So, best of luck!


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