Renovations That You Should Reconsider


Maintaining Your Homes Value

When it comes to renovating your home, the important thing to keep in mind is how your custom remodelling project will affect its value. If you have every intention of keeping your house in the family and living out your golden years on your beloved property, we digress. But in reality, most folks are going to be selling their house at some point, and with this in mind you should be extremely careful with any home improvement upgrades you’d like to make before you do.

The majority of people believe that investing in home renovation projects is a failproof way to increase the value of your home. This is true if you’re getting the assistance of a reputable and proven home renovation company. But if you are going at it without any professional input, you could be setting yourself up for a massive decrease in the value of your home.

Before you rent a dumpster bin and break out the sledgehammer, here are some home remodelling projects you may want to reconsider.

Removing Bedrooms and Closets

Although removing a smaller bedroom or the closets of your quarters may seem like a great way to open up more space, this is actually a bad idea when it comes to the resale value of your home. You have to consider that individual bedrooms often add to the value of a home, point blank. Even for houses that might have less square footage, an extra bedroom has huge value to families or even individuals who may be looking to rent out the space. What may be a small and uninspiring bedroom to empty nesters could be the perfect place for a nursery for a young family.

Garage Conversions

Converting your garage to be used as an at-home gym or studio space has been a trending project in the wake of the pandemic – but in the long term, could be a huge mistake. Garages have a universal value that will easily pique the interest of potential buyers. Anyone with a vehicle will automatically see the perks of having a garage. Although there’s a chance that your buyer might appreciate having a unique space for an interest they share with you, you’re cutting out any potential purchasers who put a higher value on their automobile – which is a huge swath.

If you really feel that your garage would be more useful to you as a converted space, go ahead and park outside. Just don’t make any permanent changes that would result in your garage being unusable for future drivers.

Niche Custom Build-Ins

We get it! You’re passionate about entertainment and want to have the best home theatre system possible, so you’re installing a massive built-in television space. Or maybe there’s a wall in your home that you just know would be a thousand times better as an aquarium. Perhaps you’ve been using the spare bedroom as an office, and got to thinking about how unique and trendy a built-in desk with shelving would be.

These are all fabulous ideas, but unless you can guarantee that your future purchaser will feel the same, you should probably avoid a custom job like the above. Even if you are totally confident that your pet project will be a feature when the time comes to put your home up for sale, you could potentially deter prospective buyers instead. When it comes to home remodelling, it’s best to stick with upgrades that cater to universal rather than niche values.

Landscaping Faux Pas

Finally, this one is for the gardeners: your beautiful shrubs, bushes, perennials and trees are all amazing, but could be a huge deterrent to folks who don’t want to deal with yard maintenance.

If having a beautiful garden is a deal breaker for your lifestyle, don’t fret: just be mindful of the potential workload you may be passing off when selling your home. Trees with excessive blooms and large leaf drops, bushes and shrubs that require regular pruning, and garden beds that will need extra seasonal maintenance are all features that might be a miss for your buyer.

Play It Safe

If you’re excited about the potential resale value of your home, it’s best to avoid the projects we have mentioned above. If you know that the areas we have mentioned will require some TLC regardless, talk to a professional home renovation consultant before you get started. They will be able to guide you in the direction that will get you the best results for both your own living experience and that of any future owners of your home.

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