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Review of Little House on The Prairie Episode – “In the Big Inning”

Little House on The Prairie

In The Big Inning

I am reviewing the Little House on the Prairie episode in season two called “In the Big Inning.” It is about Walnut Grove playing a baseball game with their first good pitcher.

In The Little House on the Prairie episode “In the Big Inning,” Mr. Mumfortd is found to be a great pitcher. With him on their team Walnut Grove has a very good chance at beating Sleepy Eye’s team in the baseball game. Walnut Grove has such a good chance that people are placing bets on who will when the game. When Mrs. Mumford finds out she refuses to let her husband play until Caroline Ingalls thinks of a compromise which causes Mrs. Mumfort to change her mind and let Mr. Mumfort play.

My final verdict on the episode?

This was one of my favorite episodes because it was funny. I also liked because it showed that cheaters never prosper. This is a great family episode especially if you like baseball.

More information on this episode:

“In the Big Inning” is the fourth episode in the second season (28th overall) of the American period drama series The Little House on the Prairie. The episode was directed by William F. Claxton. Its screenplay was written by B.W. Sandefur.

The plot involves Mr. Jebediah Mumford who becomes a star pitcher for his team Walnut Grove due to his sharp sight and fast arms. He seems to be the only thing missing for Walnut Grove to go up against their rival Sleepy Eye and its own powerful pitcher Slick McBurney.

With Mr. Mumford in Walnut Grove’s fold, they seem set to end their losing streak until Mr. Mumford’s devoted wife heard of the townspeople wagering on the upcoming game’s outcome. So she decides to refuse her husband play. This led Caroline Ingalls to think of a clever compromise to persuade Mrs. Mumford to finally allow her husband play the game, giving Walnut Grove a big chance to end their losing streak.

“In The Big Inning”‘s cast of characters:

In credits order:

  • Charles Ingalls (played by Michael Landon)
  • Caroline Ingalls (Karen Grassle)
  • Laura Ingalls (Melissa Gilbert)
  • Mary Ingalls (Melissa Sue Anderson)
  • Carrie Ingalls (Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush)
  • Nels Oleson (Richard Bull)
  • Reverend Robert Alden (Dabbs Greer)
  • Dr. Hiram Baker (Kevin Hagen)
  • Harriet Oleson (Scottie MacGregor)
  • Eva Beadle (Charlotte Stewart)
  • Lars Hanson (Karl Swenson)
  • Isaiah Edwards (Victor French, who was also one of the series’ screenwriters)
  • Slick McBurney (Gregory Walcott)
  • Jebediah Mumford (Karl Lucas)
  • Margaret Mumford (June Dayton)

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