Review of the Little House on the Prairie Episode The Nephews


It all starts out when Almanzo’s brother Royal sends his kids out to Almanzo’s and Laura’s for a while. The kids play many pranks and cause a lot of trouble around the farm. Laura finally becomes fed up with the boys and decides to punish them. The boys end up learning not to cry wolf anymore but fail to learn to how to behave.

My final verdict?

This is one of my favorite episodes because it is so funny. This episode made me laugh like crazy and some of the pranks were genius. I am sure you will love this episode too.

What is “Little House on the Prairie” all about?

Little House on the Prairie is an American television series based on a best-selling series of children’s book written by American author Laura Ingalls Wilde, which in turn was based on Mrs. Wilde’s own childhood during the 19th century. The book series has also been adapted into the stage as well.

Little House on the Prairie follows the life, struggles, tragedies and triumph of a 19th century pioneer family, the Ingalls. The book is somehow loosely based on the series, as the TV adaptation has some changes and additions.

The series was first aired in 1974, and enjoyed an eight-year run. The show starred Michael Landon (as Charles Ingalls; Landon also acted as a co-director of the TV series), Melissa (as Laura Ingalls Wilder), and Karen Grassle (as Caroline Ingalls). Other cast members were Melissa Sue Anderson, twin sisters Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush (who played alternately as Carrie Ingalls), and Matthew Laborteux (as Albert Ingalls).

The show has won several awards, including three Emmys (including 2 for outstanding cinematography, and one for achievement in music composition). The show has been enjoying syndicated reruns on several cable channel including the Hallmark Channel and TV Land. It has also been enjoying streaming, DVD and Blu-ray releases as well, proof that Little House on the Prairie is still one of the best-loved series as it was then.

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