Robotics and Entry-Level Edge AI More Accessible With NVIDAs New Jetson Orin Nano Modules

Robotics and entry-level edge devices have previously only been considered in a large, industrial setting, but this is now changing. NVIDIA’s Jetson Orin Series modules are developing when it comes to AI applications, with many businesses in industrial settings using these modules for autonomous machines, robotics, and vehicles. NVIDIA’s new Jetson Orin Nano Modules are now making robotics and entry-level edge AI more accessible, which will give many new customers the opportunity to get to grips with the technology and use it in smaller settings and devices. This post will take a closer look at the Nano Module and how it can be used.

The Nano Series

The newest Nano series from NVIDIA in their Jetson Orin lineup can provide up to 40 TOPS of AI processing power, which provides a performance boost of 80 times compared to the original Jetson Nano. The Nano is the smallest module in the series, which makes it a smart choice when there are power, size, or weight considerations. It is also the most power-efficient option, which makes it a good choice for low-power or battery-powered applications. Typically, the Nano is used for small-scale applications, such as IoT devices, battery-powered systems, and edge devices.


The new Nano series has brought excitement to the world of AI applications and automation because it makes the technology a lot more accessible. The other modules in the series, the Orin NX Series and the AGX Orin Series, are both significantly more powerful than the Nano. This means that these two modules are primarily used in large industrial settings, including manufacturing, oil and gas, healthcare, and logistics. Not only are the modules complex, but they are also expensive, which has prevented many users from access to this technology.

The Orin Nano modules make robotics a lot more accessible to many new users, which will revolutionize entry-level edge AI and help users resolve many challenges they face. In addition to the lower costs, the Jetson ecosystem is growing rapidly, with over 1 million developers and 6,000 customers. Jetson provides a high level of support to all users, which can make the technology a lot more accessible and easy to use.

Tailored NVIDIA Embedded Systems

It is also important to be aware that you can get NVIDIA-embedded systems that are tailored to your needs. Specialist engineers can listen to your needs and then develop an NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano embedded system that fulfills your needs and any commercial imperatives that you have. This is particularly useful when the embedded system is used in a setting with various environmental issues, such as extreme temperatures, power fluctuations, or shocks.

These specialists can advise and create an advanced AI computer for your business that will help you level up and make the most out of edge AI, even ensuring it withstands dust, water, and heat if you need it to.

The Jetson Orin Nano module is a game changer that is making robotics and entry-level edge AI a lot more accessible for users and will revolutionize entry-level edge AI with the capability of helping businesses to embrace cutting-edge tech.