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A roof says much about your home’s style. It plays an important role in the exterior aesthetics of your house. According to SF Roofing, the roof style that you select can make or break the aesthetic appeal of your house.

Want to repair or remodel your roof? New roofing is one of the most costly home improvements that you can undertake. Therefore, you should choose a roof style that matches your home and budget. You might want to choose an affordable option, but it is important to consider your options.

There is a direct link between cost and quality so choosing the cheapest style can be disadvantageous in the long run. In the case of roofing, quality equates to durability and longevity.

Ready to select a roof style for your house? Learn about the various roof styles and which is perfect for your home.

Flat Roof Style

A flat roof style is a cost-effective option for your home since fewer materials are used. It is an attractive option because installation is relatively quick. It also acts as a base for stacking another floor in the future.

Although a flat roof is structurally simple, debris and dust will easily accumulate on the top, which requires regular maintenance.  A flat roof is perfect for a roof-top garden.

Gable Roof Style

A gable roof is a widely-used type of roof that is known for its distinctive triangular shape. It is popular because it is one of the most affordable roof styles.

Because of its simple design, it can be built using almost any kind of material. The triangular shape will create an attic that will add additional space inside your house.

If you reside in an area with a lot of rainfall, you should consider installing a gable roof because it allows water to drain easily.  Also be sure to consider decorative gable ends as well.

L-Shaped Roof Style

This is one of the best roof styles for a home. The two pitched areas of the roof form the L shape, creating aesthetic appeal. This roof style is popularly found in large houses because it is easy to build, drains water well, and facilitates ventilation.

Sloping Roof Style

A good percentage of residential properties have a sloping roof. The main advantage of a sloping roof is that it allows dirt, water, and debris to slide off without accumulation, this will make your roof last longer. It will also improve the cooling and heating of your home.

Hut Shape Roof Style

This is a simple roof style; it is in the shape of a hut. It is popular in places with heavy rain or snow. The sloping roof prevents the accumulation of environmental elements making it a good choice for a hilly area. It is not only functional but also elegant.

Farmhouse Roof Style

Normally built on farmland properties, it is a simple and elegant roof style. The unique feature of this design is its protruded window roofing that makes it stand out.

Curved Roof Style

A curved roof will add an extremely modern look to your home. It takes advantage of metal materials to create a large, curved surface. Curved roofs reduce wind resistance, but they are usually chosen because of the stunning aesthetics they will add to a house.

Butterfly Roof Style

The butterfly roof style is more expensive than other styles, but it is the most eco-friendly. Butterfly roofs look like a pair of butterfly wings.

Butterfly roofs are contemporary architectural designs that are functional and beautiful. The depression created at the center collects rainwater that can be recycled.

Pyramid Roof Style

A pyramid roof has four steep slopes that meet at a single point at the top. This type of roof is perfect for a small home because it will add more space at the top and make the house appear larger from the outside.

It can be used as roofing for particular parts of the house such as the garage. A pyramid roof is easier to maintain than a gable roof, it is also sturdier. This is the best roof style for people who reside in areas with strong winds.

Sheet Roof Style

Sheet roofing is gaining prominence because of its advantages over conventional roofing. Asbestos or aluminum sheets will add a charming look to your house. Sheet roofing is expensive, but the long-term benefits make it worth it.

Sawtooth Roof Style

This is a unique roof style.  The sawtooth roof style will make your home stand out. The roof will have two or more slopes, designed side by side. Therefore, the vertical slopes and edges will alternate with each other.

This roof design looks like the edge of a saw. Initially, it was used for factories. Nowadays, sawtooth roof styles are common in residential properties.

The Bottom-Line:

Combination Roofing Might Be What You Need

A particular roof style might not perfectly match your requirements. In this case, it is advisable to choose a combination of different roof styles. You can include a combination of hip and gable roofs for a sturdy design and to create more space. A combination roof will make your house more aesthetically pleasing because of the combination of different designs.

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