Rookie Mistakes to avoid when entering a casino


You may be surprised to realise that there is a set of unspoken rules casino players know. They stick to these in order to have a relaxing and fun night out. If you are entering a casino you need to know these in order to avoid rookie mistakes – check out mobile deposit slots.

Dress code

The first tip doesn’t relate to casino games. Before you can even place a bet, you need to enter the casino. To do this you need to be aware of the dress code. Not all casinos have a dress code so do your research and find out if the casino you are going to has one. You do want to get all hyped up, travel all the way there just to be turned away because you have flip flops on (Yes, people do actually rock up to casinos in flip flops).

Do not be greedy

A mistake everyone makes and believe when I tell you that you will make it. Greed. It consumes casinos. You will have a few drinks when a couple of bets and all of a sudden, your self-confidence will be unstoppable. One win will not be enough. Two wins will not be enough. Three wins, (guess what…) will not be enough. Do not get consumed with greed. Lucky streaks are real, but your luck will run out eventually. Don’t let your greed ruin your fun night out, do not let it rinse you dry.

Know how to play the games

It is as simple as this, know how to play the games. Know the rules. Know the best and worst bets. It is a rookie mistake to walk into a casino thinking you will just pick up the games. Even a game that seems as straightforward as roulette. It’s a casino, which means nothing is a simple as it seems. Every game has hidden advantages and although they are based mainly on luck, they do require some skill. The casino industry has developed greatly over the years with the introduction of online casinos. Now you can download apps and practice all the casino games before entering an actual casino. With free spins and welcome bonuses, you can try any game for free. Become an expert before you even arrive at a casino. Practice. Practice. Practice.


This is a tip I could tell you a hundred times and it still wouldn’t make much difference, but I am going to try anyway. You need to budget. Decide on how much you are going to spend. When you have run out of your budget or are on a winning streak, walk away. Now that sounds difficult, especially if you are winning, but it is important. Too many people have lost their life saving in casinos because they have not budgeted. With a budget you will not walk out of a casino in debt, unless you budget your entire life savings (which isn’t really budgeting). It’s all well and good deciding on a budget but you need to stick with it. Do not take out more money. Do not borrow money.

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