Running your new computer for the first time? Small tips & tricks


Buying a new computer and getting it home is great feeling. A computer is usually regarded as a large purpose and ideally will have a shelf life of several years before needing to be upgraded again. Selecting the right computer, the unboxing and the first time you turn the machine on are all exciting parts of the process, but soon you have the arduous task of installing all your software and tools on the machine. This can be a lengthy and dull task, you know it will be worth it in the end, but this is considered the least fun part of purchasing a new computer.

After this you’ve then got all the updates to consider. While the computer has sat in a factory or shop it’s been dormant that entire time, chances are it will need its drivers upgrading too. It may even need new drivers that you will need to track down yourself. Of course this all depends on the software and what you’re choosing to use. One thing that lots of people may not know is you don’t have to keep or use many of the programs that come with Windows.

Microsoft bundle their operating systems with a range of software packages, some will be useful to you while others will be pointless. If your computer is telling you to download drivers for a piece of software you don’t care about, then it may be easier to just uninstall it instead. This will also save memory space and the time needed to keep said program updated. Please continue reading for more examples.

Consider DriverPack Solution Offline Installer

There are also other options available if you’d rather keep all your bundled software but don’t have the time to go browsing for individual drivers. Granted downloading drivers is easy (if not a little boring), but sometimes it’s difficult to know if you’re installing the right one. To those of us not fully fluent in IT, even for those of us who consider ourselves intermediates, this can still be a minefield. For those not well versed in this sort of thing it can be a stressful task. Luckily there are those who have done this job for us, so we don’t need to. Consider downloading a driver pack such as DriverPack Solution Offline Installer. Driver packs are specially crafted packages that are compatible with various operating systems and computer models. They’re designed to be kept up to date for this very purpose.

They exist to help your computer know exactly what drivers it needs, to source and install them. Downloading and installing these driver packs couldn’t be easier and they take all of the hard work out of setting up your new computer. Not only will your driver pack make your new computer fit for purpose, it will keep it that way, downloading updates as and when required automatically. Naturally this depends on the pack and the settings but it’s an incredibly useful feature that will

save you as the user plenty of time and effort

Driver packs are also especially useful if you’re computer is an older model that has been refurbished. Lots of people buy second hand computers, or for whatever reason, need to do a full refresh of an existing computer without a back up. Second hand computers are usually cheaper and come with similar components used in newer models. The issue is their drivers are likely to be completely out of date. Worse still, second hand computers may come without an operating system or expired license. This can be very frustrating when setting it up for the first time. Your computer may tell you to use the Internet to locate certain drivers, but can’t access the Internet as it’s missing crucial network drivers!

Downloading a driver pack can fortunately resolve these problems too. Although in the above example you may need to download the pack on a different computer and transfer it, if you’re unable to access the Internet. Just hope your USB stick drivers also don’t need updating. The DriverPack Solution, which you can check at, as the name suggests also works when the computer can’t be connected to the Internet. Once installed it will do the work for you and will help you in situations when the network isn’t available.

Downloading and installing a driver pack may be the easiest and quickest way to get your new (or refurbished) computer up and running with minimal effort. Let someone else do the hard work for a change, you’ve got a new computer to enjoy.

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