Sad New year for F.R.I.E.N.D.S Fans! Answers to all your Questions about Disney+ and HBO Max!

2020 is surely going to be exciting. It is packed with various things that don’t happen so often such as leap day, presidential elections and launch of various new streaming TV options.

The online streaming TV industry nearly exploded with the new additions of Disney+ and Apple TV+ streaming services. Now HBO is also all set to provide its online streaming services under the name of “HBO Max” with the collaboration of Warner Media and NBC Universal.

With a huge number of movies and TV shows hanging around online, one can easily lose track of his/her to watch list. Who isn’t a fan of FRIENDS and Baby Yoda, but do you have any pertinent information where you can find or stream your favourite shows online? It is a jungle of options and finding the right herb to curb the craving without getting exhausted is near impossible.

In order to gear you up for 2020, we are going to answer the most frequently asked questions about the streaming service providers. One of the most important and common queries asked nowadays include; Is “FRIENDS” truly going away from Netflix? Read on to find more similar ones.

Will “Friends” be taken down from Netflix?

Well all Friends fans were taken aback by the news that it will be taken down from Netflix (We certainly didn’t believe it at first). The sun of 2020 – although it is bringing a great many things for us, we Friends admirers are all sad because Netflix is going to take down all its seasons and it won’t return until the launch of HBO Max in May 2020. But don’t be sad you all. It is still alive on the cable and is aired in most of the channels. Thank God, I still have my cable on. I certainly wouldn’t want to spend a day without randomly watching an episode (well, episodes) of Friends. In my opinion, no matter what streaming service comes to the market nothing can replace the status of cable TV for me. Plus streaming services also require great bandwidth and high-speeds to enjoy them at their best. Internet providers near me only offers reasonable packages when coupled with cable and phone.

Is “The Office” also leaving Netflix?

Well, the news has that “The Office” is also leaving Netflix. Why? Well, it is going from Netflix to Peacock which won’t be available till 2021. Till then Cable is your safest bet to relive the kinky and amusing romance of Pan and Jim.

Thank God I didn’t cut the cord on the name of saving money. They all charge (cable TV and streaming services) almost the same. Cable yet has benefits to it when compared to these streaming services. (Sounds frustrating, but it’s true).

Why Disney+ doesn’t offer all the Marvel Shows?

Before the existence of Disney+, even when it wasn’t even in the developing phase “S.H.I.E.L.D” sealed the deal with Netflix which hasn’t come to expiration yet. Disney lovers have to realize one thing before Disney had planned its own service they sold their programs to other streamers- this is pretty much why they cannot offer them in their own library just yet, at least until the contracts expire. This is the reason why Disney+ users are unable to find all the Marvel shows and other Adult skewed Netflix series on it.

How HBO MAX services are different from HBO?

If you have confused HBO with other HBO extensions like HBO Now or Go then you are wrong here. It doesn’t come with the cable subscription but is a separate individual streaming service entity by Warner Media. Its library is going to be really extensive (also includes Looney Tunes… Yayy!) And certainly offer everything developed under HBO’s tag. But for HBO Max’s 2020 Launch they are planning very interesting content to entice the audience. They have a whole new DC Superhero series in their plan.

With HBO, Disney+ and other streaming services we are going to enter into a new era of TV entertainment where we don’t have to wait all week long for the next episode of our favorite shows. Rather we can binge watch it all on the date night. They are very much similar to Traditional TV, but these streaming service providers are going one step ahead. They are nabbing the rights for rerunning of programs to provide users with constant access to their super-favorite TV shows. But this service is highly dependent on high-speed internet. All the streaming providers are bringing distinct features of their own which may make us spend on multiple streamers to have access to their exclusive content.

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