Saddest Disney Movie Scenes

While a lot of Disney animated films have made you smile and laugh, there are certain scenes that have otherwise reduced you to tears. In fact, many of these scenes are upsetting and even incredibly depressing. Some of these scenes could be too much especially for the younger audiences.

1. The Death of Bambi’s Mother

The moment Bambi’s mother died is one of the saddest moments in all of the Disney films. It was very upsetting for viewers to watch Bambi’s mother die, and to see the heart-wrenching reaction of Bambi.

2. The Death of Mufasa

This scene from The Lion King was also one of the saddest scenes in all of the Disney movies. This scene was tragic, not only because of the king’s death, but also because it was his brother, Scar, who caused it. It was also so sad, because Scar made Mufasa’s son Simba, believe that it was his fault that his father had died, leading him to carry around this guilt until the end of the movie.

3. Ellie and Carl’s Love Story

The love story told in the beginning of Up was one of the best we’ve seen. The love of Ellie and Carl was an epic one; although, it ended in the couple finding out that they cannot have children and later in the tragic death of Ellie, leaving viewers of all ages in tears.

4. Dumbo’s Mom Being Locked-up

This scene from Dumbo was especially heart breaking. It portrayed Dumbo’s mother being chained and locked up, for being “crazy”; although, all she was trying to do was defend her young son, who was being bullied.

5. “When She Loved Me” Montage

This montage in Toy Story 2 was especially sad, as we hear Jessie sing about how she was abandoned by her first owner, Emily. The song she sung, made this scene even more unbearable.

6. The End of Monster’s Inc.

The scene at the end of this movie, in which Sully must say goodbye to Boo, caused most people to tear up. For viewers to watch how much Sully and Boo had grown to care about each other, but can now no longer see each other, left most of the audience in tears.

7. When Andy Gives Bonnie His Toys

Many viewers have grown up watching the Toy Story movies, and to see Andy have to leave his favorite toys with a new owner, in Toy Story 3, was truly disheartening. Although this scene started off sad, as Andy told Bonnie about how much the toys meant to him, knowing that they were in good hands with Bonnie, made it all a little bit more bearable.

8. That Incinerator Scene from “Toy Story”

This scene was especially sad, because it looked as if all of the viewer’s favorite toy story characters, were about to be burned in the incinerator. As they all held hands, as they were facing death together, there was not a dry eye watching this film.

9. Triton takes Ariel’s place

This scene, from The Little Mermaid, was a sad one as viewers watched King Triton sacrifice himself for his daughter Ariel and become a sea plant. Even after she had betrayed him and lost his trust, Triton showed Ariel how much he still loved his daughter regardless of what she had done.

10. Marlin’s Wife is Killed

In the beginning of Finding Nemo, Marlin’s wife and all but one of their eggs are killed by a vicious barracuda. When Marlin sees the aftermath of the attack and finds that only one of their eggs survived, it was a truly heartbreaking moment for the entire audience.