Safety Precautions to Keep in Mind While Using an Angle Grinder


A disc grinder is a portable instrument for creating multiple metal structures involving trimming, crushing, smoothening, and polishing metal items. Most of the angle grinders work though cords using a power supply while some are battery operated. This power tool with an optimum sized disc can oust multiple types of equipment and ease difficult jobs.

Although side grinders are not so menacing, you must be careful while using the angle grinder. These grinders are so hefty as to crush huge sheets of metals; therefore, you need to be attentive while using it to avoid accidents. Disc grinder mishaps are amongst the most life-threatening accidents for those who use the equipment. The ramification of such a tool can be destructive.

The following are some dreadful situations that can cause disc grinder accidents.

Risk ablaze

Whenever you apply a side grinder on metal, it produces tiny sparks that look dangerous. Although these sparks are not so unsafe as to burn the skin yet, it can be wounding if it falls on the face or eye areas.

Burst discs

Another considerably higher risk with an angle grinder is the scraping or shattering of discs. The discs of side grinders are susceptive of breakage and become unsafe if it hurls down and hurts a person.

The backlash of the equipment

The possible accident with kickback is that one may drop the angle grinder due to loss of control. The instrument can also hit someone at high speed.

It is a strenuous job choosing the best angle grinder as one has to consider the performance and durability of the tool. If you spend a lot of money on buying grinders, you may get the best one possible. Yet, if you fail to follow the safety rules, it will result in damage.

Here are some safeguarding measures that one should take note of to avoid accidents while using angle grinders:

Two-handed tool

It is recommendable that you tightly hold the angle grinder using both the hands. One should not let go of the tool while it is on, which may lead to loss of control over the blender. Make sure not to operate the machine single-handedly as this may result in finger amputation.

Use of protective glasses

Although the sparks are not as harmful as they appear, your eyes are sensitive organs and susceptible to minimum irritation. Therefore it is essential that one opt for a protective pair of glasses while working with side grinders, even if it is for a short while.

You should invest in a good pair of glasses, perhaps from the 10 best safety glasses, to use while operating the grinder, and if possible, wear a face shield to prevent tiny particles or sparks from harming your skin.

Avoid extensive use of discs

The primary cause of flying particles from side grinders is damaged discs. Many times, the grinder wheel deteriorates due to overuse. If you continue to use the same worn-out drive, it may get hazardous. Therefore it is deemed necessary to double-check the machine and ensure that there is no malfunctioning. The shattering of the disc can lead to great catastrophes; hence, you have to take great precautions.

Ensure optimum calculation of distance and power of the unit

Incompetent workers often make a blunder of keeping the disc grinder near their faces while they work. If there is a broken disc resulting in miscalculation, it may lead to severe disasters. It is crucial to hold the grinder at the level of their waist. When the work of the grinder is over, one must shut down the machine. In case it is left on, it may re-start accidentally and become a source of the accident.

Ensure use of safety gears

It will help if you operate an angle grinder with complete care and safety. The apparatus used must protect the eye, ears, hands, and feet. You should cover yourself carefully while working with the tool. Boots that protect your feet from getting burnt are required. Do not wear open shoes. Leather gloves should be used in place of regular ones as they do not provide enough safety.

Do not remove the guards from the grinder

One should make sure not to use the angle grinder without the safety guards. One can minimize accidents if you use the equipment along with guards. It is also compulsory to follow the prescribed guidelines of the grinder before operating the unit.

Comfortable workspace

Be sure of the abundant work area while operating an angle grinder. There should include optimum space to ensure smooth movement. The machine should not get entangled or entrap with other objects leading to accidents.

The majority of accidents occur due to a lack of adherence to the guidelines. At the time of choosing the best angle grinder from The Tool Scout emphasize on user safety and make sure that the machine comes with a safety guard and a user manual. It is necessary to take into account the quality of the grinder before investing in the tool.

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