Satellite or Cable TV? The Better Option


It is quite common to come across words like Satellite and Cable when it comes to deciding the type of TV connection for yourself. However, many people are not aware of the differences between both. However, you must also know that not every company offers both options. Under such circumstances, you do not have any option but to go with what is available. For example, Spectrum TV packages may come with cable TV only. But there may be a bundle or a plan that would get you both. So it’s worth checking beforehand.

Here are how both services are different.


For cable TV, you will need an expert who will do the installation job for you. Other than that, if you opt for anything above the basic cable, then you will have to invest in a cable box as well. Another accessory that you will have to rent is the remote. However, things are different if you already have a cable line running through your home. And this will only happen if you are using Internet service from the same provider. In such a scenario, you can install the TV yourself.

On the other hand, satellite TV asks you to install a satellite dish on your rooftop or at the side of your house. But that is not where your job ends. You have to make sure that the dish is facing towards the south at all times. And that can be an issue if you live in an apartment that has a shared wall on the south. As far as the installation is concerned, it will be very time consuming if you try to take the matters in your hands. The best part is that in some cases the installation fee can get waived as well.


If you compare the reception of both, then cable TV rarely loses it. And the only case when cable TV’s reception might suffer is when the entire system goes down – the chances of which are rare. On the other hand, you should expect to get clear signals from satellite connections only when there is nothing between your dish and the southern sky. This can pose a problem as even a tall tree can act as the greatest hurdle. But do not worry if you have made all the proper arrangements.


Cable TV is not available to the residents of rural areas most often. However, satellite TV is available everywhere. There are no exceptions except that the dish should face the southern sky at all times. So, the only time that you may have issues with satellite TV availability is if you live in an apartment where the south side is blocked or if there is an obstacle between the dish or the sky.

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Available Programming

If you have a look at the channel lineup, you will not find any difference. However, the difference lies in the value of money. So, the channels that you get as a part of the basic satellite TV plan including Showtime and HBO, will get those very same channels as a part of the premium package when it comes to cable TV. Thus, making satellite TV a better option when it comes to saving money.

Other than, there are some differences as to the availability of certain channels. As cable TV gives the subscribers access to local programming that satellite TV may fail to provide. But satellite TV features some international channels that cable TV does not. Therefore, your choice will depend on the type of channels that you want access to.

Bundled Packages

You are more likely to find bundled services on cable TV. For example, bundling the Internet with TV service. Or opting for cable TV, Internet, and phone services as a deal. On the other hand, it was not until the recent past that satellite companies started offering bundled services as well. But the cable TV service providers offer bundles at a cheaper rate than the satellite TV service providers.


In case you run away from contracts, you will want to opt for cable TV service. As it offers month-to-month contracts. However, in the case of satellite V, most companies offer yearlong contracts. And the latter bothers many. But things are changing and some satellite service providing companies recently started offering ‘pay-as-you-go’ service.

High Definition

HD is what I am all about these days. And if you wish to revolutionize your TV watching experience, then you should opt for satellite TV as it has more HD channels. However, let’s say, if you avail Spectrum internet offers, you will get access to a lot of HD channels as well. So, you won’t regret having cable TV if you opt for Spectrum.

Customer Satisfaction

According to the reviews, both satellite and cable TV service providers do not compromise on customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is a tie when it comes to customer service. And rightfully so as people are more aware these days. So, companies cannot afford to ignore them or provide them with below-average customer service. Many companies fail because of poor customer care no matter how good their product is.

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