Savvy Restaurateurs Use This Technology, with Great Success


There’s hardly one aspect of life that hasn’t been transformed by the rapid pace of technological change that’s characterized the 21st century, and businesses in many industries have had to adapt. Businesses that evolve with the new technology and harness its power are in a much better position than those which don’t.

For restaurants, this means it’s no longer enough to serve delicious food. What if your rivals are using the latest tech to keep organized and find cost saving measures that is unavailable to restaurants that don’t have the technology? Read on to learn how employee scheduling software can give your restaurant the lift it needs to succeed.

Cut Labor Costs with Faster, Better Schedules

When a business looks for efficiency, they need to target waste — areas where they can cut costs without there being a corresponding drop in the quality of what they produce. For restaurants, the sheer amount of time it takes each week to make a schedule that works for everybody is not just a headache, but a drain on their resources.

If you put your work schedule on an app like employee scheduling software, your restaurant will have schedules 80% faster than you would otherwise, and the schedules will be better too. Each staff member can request days off and submit their work availability remotely through the app, so the software’s automation takes into account the manual inputs of everybody on the team.

The result is a schedule that balances the personal and professional needs of every employee and the restaurant. The time saved results in a 1-3% reduction in labor costs.

Stay Connected, Smartly

Modern technology has done incredible things for communication, and employee scheduling software lets staff stay connected to each other in ways that are specifically designed to be natural and save them time. Managers can relay important information to whoever needs to know in one-way messages, so only the people who need to know get the information they need quickly.

It’s important to avoid the reply-chains that can take up time, and actually work to prevent people from reading the original message. But if dialogue is needed, group chats can be configured easily.

Stay in the Know

In business knowledge is power, and in the tech world data is king. Your restaurant will be a powerful king with manager-facing dashboards displaying all the vital statistics in real-time an executive or manager needs.

Track custom stats that matter specifically to your restaurant and consult the eyes and ears of your frontline staff, who are prompted to give feedback in their own words after shifts. This gives you the full numbers and the perspectives, so management can make decisions from a place of total knowledge.

Sometimes the pace o f new technology can be dizzying, and with so many options being invented all the time it’s hard to know which technology is and isn’t essential. But savvy restaurateurs aren’t just cooking up wonderful food. They’re relying on tech that saves time and money, and employee scheduling software is doing the trick for restaurants across North America.

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