Say “Merry Christmas” With Our Luxuries Christmas Chocolates

Christmas comes closer. It’s the most awaited festival of the year. Every year, we all eagerly wait for this festival to arrive. Even people make plans for celebration, holiday, and vacation to feel the essence of the festival to the fullest. Christmas in most of the countries is in winter, except Australia as Australia celebrates Christmas in summer. It is also a gift exchange ceremony as well. Even if we cannot meet, we greet our beloved with various beautiful gifts. One such irresistibly tasty treat in the gift baskets are the chocolates. Here is a list of the most luxurious chocolates to cheer ‘Merry Christmas’ with.

1. Hot Cocoa Topper Gift Set:

Chocolate has varieties of tastes, blends, flavors, and brands. Different brands around the world take the basic texture of the chocolate and mold it into different tastes and manufacture it. For winter, hot chocolate is what most people prefer. This gift is a perfect hot cocoa topper gift set for chocolate lovers. There are six toppers in the box, each made from the finest dark chocolate of the country. To give your treat a perfect decoration, it is decorated with Santa Clause, pine cones, Christmas trees, snowman, and many more.    

2. Holiday Luxury Chocolate Advent Calendar: 

Christmas is one o those festivals of the year that we all count from the beginning of the year. Guess what! If you have a Christmas themed calendar, doesn’t it make it easier to count every moment in the holiday?! Godiva provides you this special calendar to make your Christmas a better one. Also, your counting for the year’s biggest festival is not such dull and mere; it also gifts you chocolates for the whole Christmas week. The pieces of chocolates involve Jolly Santa, Festive Snowman, wintry penguin- all available in dark or white chocolate. In white chocolate varieties, you will get milk ganache bliss, dark mint medallion, raspberry star as well.

3. Chocolate & Wine Combo:

Chocolate is a gift that is well paired with any festive celebration while wine brings in the royal essence of the celebration. These two make a rare combination. But the perfect chocolates bring out the robust smell and unique flavor of your wine. Premium dark chocolates enlighten the profile of Malbec, Barolo, Bordeaux or Cabernet. Medium-dark chocolates make pair with Rhone, Zinfandel, Merlot, Shiraz, and Chianti. The smoothest dark chocolates compliment the Riesling, Champagne, Vintage Port, and Pinot Noir well. And Port, Dessert wines, Rose, and Burgundy are perfectly complimented by white chocolates. You can get all varieties of these delicious chocolates from Christmas chocolate delivery to Spain online sites.

4. Dark Chocolate Gift Box:

Amongst the varieties of chocolates, the dark chocolates hit a different chord. It is rich, tasty, filled with health benefits, and loved by many. Different manufacturing companies make varieties of intensive dark chocolate where the cocoa portion in the chocolate varies. Godiva makes delicious dark chocolate gift sets this Christmas season. With dark chocolates, some fruity flavors like strawberry enrich the taste. You can pedir chocolates de Navidad en línea as the gift shops provide the best quality chocolates at the best price available.

5. Delicious White Chocolate Pretzels:

Among the varieties of chocolates, white chocolate is a top scorer. One thing that needs to be kept in mind while buying white chocolate is that make sure you buy it from the best manufacturer. Also, it is not everyone’s favorite flavor. Hence, before sending a box filled with any delicacy with white chocolate flavor, there are a lot of conditions to keep in mind. Christmas and pretzels have a very intricate relation. The pretzel covered with white chocolate and magic sprinkles and poured in a glass magic mug will make your favorite kiddo in the house a happier soul on this festive season.

6. Godiva Chocolate Gift Box:

There are varieties of indigenous and international chocolate manufacturers in the market; they all are unique in their ways. If you are searching for a faithful, complimentary, and best taste chocolate manufacturer that will confuse you with chocolate varieties, you should best go with this Godiva chocolate box. Decorated with attractive props and Christmas stuffs, this chocolate box is eye candy for anyone this festive season. From candies to bars, pretzels, cookies, molten chocolate delights, blended chocolates, and waffles- this gift basket is heaven to all chocolate lovers. The best part is the customization option is available for this gift.

7. Christmassy Chocolate Gift Basket:

Christmas is one such festival that is celebrated with cake, lights, chocolates, Christmas tree décor, and with our beloved ones. A gift basket filled with chocolates is not just a gift, it is an emotion. You can choose to send unique chocolate basket gifts with similar chocolates of different brands in them. Or you can choose mixed chocolate boxes with different tastes of chocolates in them. There is no either this or that in chocolate; everybody has their only favorites- chocolates; be it any brand, any flavor, and blend. You can send Christmas gift basket to Spain if your beloved is presiding over there.

8. Chocolates and Strawberries Bouquet:

Fruits and chocolates hit a different chord of a relationship when it comes to pairing. Chocolates are the favorite delicacies in the world for sure. What makes it surprising are the blended strawberries in them. Chocolate dipped frozen strawberries are one of the most ordered Christmas chocolates in the world. Also, you can find chocolate bars stuffed with fruity delights like strawberries, mulberries, blueberries, and more. A chocolate and strawberry bouquet can be one of the most unique Christmas chocolate ideas to gift this season.

9. Personalized Chocolate Box:

Any gift can be personalized to make it remarkable for the person on the receiving end. And personalized chocolate is pure bliss of a gift. To have a name on your gift box makes us feel the possession of those precious cut pieces of chocolates to be only ours and ours only. You can order from any of the renowned online gift shops and ask them to carve the name of the receiving person on it. It will give them a pleasure to have a friend/relative/BFF like you.

No matter whatever the occasion is, chocolate never fails to bring the celebration vibe on. Above are the best choice of gifts to send your Merry Christmas with your beloved ones.