Season Results in Spanish football: How it was?


How was the Spanish championship this year, who became the champion of La Liga, who can be considered the best player of this season, how the events were most remembered by the fans?

Season Results in Spanish football: How it was?

Many fans want to know season results in Spanish football: How it was? Football in Spain is a favorite hobby, millions of people throughout the country follow its events, go to watch matches at the stadium or watch on TV. Season 2020/2021, as always, was very eventful and left a lot of impressions for the fans. On this platform, you can check out an updated ผลบอลสด plus tons of information regarding football.

What will La Liga be remembered for this year: major failures and breakthroughs for the 2020/2021 season?

La Liga is one of the most reputable, that’s why millions of fans around the world follow its events. On May 22, a series of games took place, in which the Atletico team became the undisputed winner, and Real Madrid became the vice-champion. As for the lower positions, they were taken by the teams of Huesca, Valladolid, and Eibar; they flew to Segunda. The whole season is characterized by the fact that there were many breakthroughs and failures.

Major breakthroughs of the season

The unconditional breakthrough of this season was the Atletico team. For the entire season, it lost only one home match and became the leader of the tournament table. The most spectacular games for the fans were:

  • Atlético 5: 0 Eibar,
  • Villarreal 0: 2 Atlético,
  • Atlético 2: 0 Sevilla,
  • Atlético 6: 1 Granada,
  • Atlético 1: 0 Barcelona.

As fans can see from the score, these games were really interesting, full of a lot of difficult passes and spectacular goals. Luis Suarez, the best player in the team, proved that it was too early to write him off, and he led the team to the coveted victory. In total, the team scored 86 points during the season.

Real Betis is an unexpected discovery this season. Last year it was one step out of relegation but this season it took the well-deserved 6th place, giving the football fans a lot of positive emotions. It can be seen that it worked on the mistakes, which allowed it to perform successfully. It received 61 points this season.

The Celta team also performed well. Last year, it finished 17th in the standings, and this season did a good job and was one step away from the European competition zone, gaining 53 points.

Not without disappointments

Getafe is considered by many to be the biggest flop of the season. Last year, the team entered the top ten leaders of the tournament table, which was a real discovery for many fans, and this year it was foreshadowed by good positions. But, it did not confirm the expectations of the fans – it took 15th place in the standings and took the fewest goals (only 28 out of 38 games played), and scored 38 points.

The Eibar team did not win a single match, received the least points in the standings, and flew out in a Segunda, gaining 30 points. All games were sluggish, uninteresting, and ineffective.

Barcelona is one of the most successful teams in the world, and this year it took only third place in La Liga. It is impossible to call such positions an absolute failure, but the fans expected more from their favorite team. Experts attribute the main failures to the change of a coach. During the game, it was seen that many players did not understand the strategy and could not orient themselves on the field, which led to the loss of points. The only ones who still felt confident on the field were Messi, De Jong, and Griezmann, but 3 players cannot win all games on their own without the help of the team. In total, the team scored 79 points.

Who was the best player this season?

This year it was very difficult to determine the best player since all the leading players had some big mistakes of their own. So, Messi, who does not seem to play bad games, this year was unable to reveal himself to the fullest, due to problems in the team, which were associated with the change of coach. Josep Bartomeu, who served as the president of Barcelona, ​​was able to give victory to his rivals. The fact is that due to the coronavirus pandemic, the club began to have financial difficulties and could no longer pay high salaries to its leading players. As a result, Luis Suarez left the club. Сlub administration was rude to him, terminated the contract, and deprived him of his annual salary. However, this did not prevent him from performing well for Atlético.

The best player in Spain this season is Luis Suarez. This season was the most difficult for him, but he was able to show himself not only as a good footballer but also as a real fighter. Luis became the top scorer of Atlético and with his help, the team was able to get a whole 21 points. It is also worth noting that he missed part of the season due to injury, which still did not prevent him from truly deserved the best player of this season.

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