Seasonal Color Scheme Ideas For Weddings


The importance of having a well designed and thought out a wedding cannot be stated enough. Even if it’s a small, simple wedding, the details, and the presentation is still massively important. One timeless concept of design is using the appropriate color scheme. In the context of a wedding, this narrows down to selections based on the season. Here are the best color scheme ideas for weddings based on the season you’re planning your wedding on:


Anytime someone says they want a summer wedding, they’re talking about June. June hits hard with the deep colors and is. Further highlighted by the simplistic backgrounds. Online generators can help you out in this department. A person favorite among designers is to search by the color scheme from the beginning. It’s fabulous. They can have more color options than David’s bridal can even wish for. If you want a full-on June Summer wedding, your best friends are bright quartz, aquamarine, and dazzling jewel tones against the slate gray background. Mind you, these colors work wonderfully with beach weddings.

Winter Months

Winter colors are always a classy way to present a fantastical wedding. They give off this cool vibe that contrasts with almost any deep color you can think of. For instance, the holiday season has a lot of grays and whites and deep reds or royal purples make a standout statement during the winter holiday months. If you’re planning something closer to the January months, your theme remains similar, with a bit of a twist. Instead of the navy blue and red hues, the shift goes to richer emerald greens and golds. The idea of the new and the lively come to mind in an almost reverent sense. The metallic hues are both bright, yet give off that ice vibe. It’s perfect for the latter winter months.


The beginning of Spring/Tail end of Winter marks a great time to use contrast in between bold and earthy. In many parts of the world, this makes up the rainy season that brings about the blooming flowers in later Spring. During this time, deep yellows, sage, and Seafoam green provide a complimentary flow from the grays and deep forest greens of the rain-laden foliage. Later in the full-blown Spring months (think Easter) you can go 100% in the bright sunlight hues that the season is famous for. Your abundantly growing foliage and clear blue skies bring out the beauty of pastel hues and fairytale themes.


As the Fall comes close, the most famously specific color scheme comes in season: Earthy. “Earthy tones” are a catchall for browns, maroons, and forest greens. What keeps these Earthy tones from becoming bland is the idea of “iridescence.” When people want beautiful earthy tones for their wedding, what they want is for it to glow. They want the ethereal look. So using the tones should be contrasted with softer grays and silver. They even out the chill of autumn.


Weddings are beautiful. They’re a treat for family and friends to gather and celebrate love in its purest form. When we celebrate a wedding, some of the most notable parts are the visuals and the decor. For that reason, you should do research by color scheme. After that, well, all you have to do is dance the night away.

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