Selecting Your Keywords For Your SEO Campaign


Keywords are words and phrases that people type into a search engine to find what they are looking for, and it is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. The keywords you select for your website will impact the content on your site and choosing the wrong ones can prevent your campaign from being as effective as you wish. Below is some advice for selecting the best keywords for your business, no matter what industry you are in or the type of business.

Choose Different Keywords For Each Page Of Your Website

If you are planning to get the best SEO services Brisbane or your city is offering, you will want to select different keywords for all the pages of your site that you want to rank in the search engines. There are often pages on a website that it is not so important to have keywords, such as your contact us or about us pages. However, you will want to prevent two or more pages from competing for the same keywords.

The Types Of Keywords To Select

You will need to have a mixture of short and long-tail keywords in your strategy to cast your net as wide as possible. For example, suppose you are a removal firm. In that case, you will want to select various keywords relating to moving services and include ones with geographical locations in the area you cover. You will want to choose terms such as removal company Brisbane or removalists Brisbane, for example, which may be the main keywords you are focussing on. Aside from those, you should also look for longer phrases. You will want to include terms such as the best removal company in Brisbane, affordable moving company Brisbane, and so on. These show intent from the person searching, so they are more likely to convert.

Where To Put Your Keywords?

You will need to ensure the primary phrases you are working on for each page on your website are included in the content for that page. You will want to add them to the Page Title and headers of the page and incorporate them in the main body of the content, but it is also important to not stuff too many in there and over optimise your page.

It’s important to plan the content for each page of your site. Each one has to have different primary and secondary keywords it focuses on to ensure each page ranks for different relevant terms.

How To Use The Keywords In Your Content?

You will want the content on your website to read naturally, so you may want to avoid using exact match keywords and instead ensure you use natural language. It is easy to tell if a web page is written with the user in mind or only the search engines, and if you want people to engage with the content you produce, it needs to read naturally. An online advertising agency Sydney or your city has, if you are located elsewhere, will be able to help you.

Although you do need to keep the search engines in mind, it is much better to focus on the website’s end-user. Tailor the content to meet their needs and requirements, which will help increase your conversions.

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