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The current global pandemic has led to some dire circumstances job seekers. Redundancies and layoffs resulted in a wide range of people from a range of industries to get back on the job search. Interestingly, several people have taken this time off from work and the daily hustle-and-bustle of office life, only to realise that such a lifestyle may not be for them. Now, more than ever, people are keen on being self-employed and as global circumstances force us to remain indoors, what better time to start your own business from home?

Being self-employed or starting your own business is not exactly a piece of cake. It requires commitment on your end, as well as dedication to push yourself to do your best. On the bright side, self-employment also lets you be your own boss, which means that you’ll be working on your own schedule and with your limited set of resources. Such a scenario gives you the opportunity to truly hone your skills and develop a business-like mentality along the way. 

Here are some great self-employed ideas from home to get you started along this journey 

1. Freelance writing

Are you skilled at articulating ideas into words? Do you find yourself capable of writing pieces on a variety of topics? Well, freelance writing would be perfect for you. Today, more than ever, we are accustomed to consuming a lot of content online. The next time you come across an article, you should know that this too was written by someone who has a good command over the language. While beginners may not earn as much as their experienced counterparts, you can surely hone your skills and take on bigger projects in no time. In the end, you would have made money by using your talent and you would also be educating someone else by allowing your work to be posted and read online. 

2. Pet sitting

Are you an avid animal lover? Have you always felt good having pets around you? If you’ve answered yes to both, you could easily be a great pet sitter. A lot of working pet parents often worry about leaving their furry friends at home while they go about their long workday. Most of them are delighted when they come across a pet sitting service that is both affordable and friendly. You can start with at-home pet sitting at a base price and to earn more, you can include services like dog walking, or pet grooming as well. The goal here is to start a service that’s trustworthy and one that can keep you thoroughly engaged.

3. Teach English to foreign students

As we know, English is a global language and is spoken in several countries. A lot of international trade also requires people to be fluent in the English language. If you are someone who has a good hold over the language and if you’re passionate about teaching, this could be the perfect self-employed job for you. The plus side is that you don’t need to visit a classroom daily. You can simply interact with your students online and collect a base fee according to the lessons you teach. You also get to work at your own hours!

4. Personal fitness trainer

If you’re someone with a passion for fitness, you could be helping many other people achieve their own health goals. If you’re at a beginner or intermediate level yourself, you can get some training to hone your skills and eventually, gather a lot of knowledge about fitness. To get started, you can either visit clients at your local gym or even at their own homes. Over time, you can have multiple clients every week and this will pay handsomely if you can push people to achieve their goals. Think about it, you’re helping people find the same passion you found, while also earning an income.

5. Rent out a room

You don’t necessarily need to have focused skills to be self-employed at home. Simply offering your place for rent to budget travellers or visitors can help you earn a good amount of money. If your home has an additional guest house or a spare bedroom, you can list your accommodation on a variety of online platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. This venture can prove to be even more successful if you have a home in a busy city or a central location. 


There are several self-employment ideas available to people, regardless of whether they have certain skills or not. With the right planning, you can easily learn the ropes of self-employment from home and make a good living for yourself. To protect yourself from any untoward risks associated with starting a home business, you can opt for a Public Liability Insurance for sole traders, as this will help secure your business and savings in tough times. Public Liability Australia compares insurance providers online instantly so you can select the right coverage for your business

Find your area of interest, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and build your dream job right from the comforts of your home.

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