Selfie Ring Light with Cell Phone Holder Stand-Vloggers


Do you think that it is problematic when you need to take photographs however murkiness prevents the method of your excellence?

Why not bring something that will make you sparkle like never before!

Selfie stand ring light with a mobile phone holder stand so you can take photographs or recordings all the more splendidly. In any event, when it is dull or evening you can take photographs and recordings with this ring light.

YouTube, Twitter, Snap talk, Face Time, Twitch, and so on

It is an ideal ring light for creating recordings by utilizing cell phones or PC, ideal for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snap talk, Face Time, Twitch, and so on


The 24-inch strong long gooseneck arm of this PDA stand with light can adjust to any shape with a 360-degree turning segment cut.


there is a choice of utilizing the 3 light shades white, warm yellow, and warm yellow + white and so forth and 10 degrees of brilliance with the goal that you can upgrade

your lighting source as best

make-up, Selfie, dull scene logging, etc. There is a line for simple control to turn on/off or change to set it to the lighting mode you like.

battery bank

There is no battery required as the ring light versatile holder is USB fueled. The long USB link (55 inches) ensures adequate reach from your USB charger. It functions admirably with numerous gadgets – PC, PC, battery bank.

You simply need to clasp it on the table/work area/bed and pivot any point to free your hands. Turn ball head can be adapted to the ideal survey.

SpecificationLED Quantity

  • 12 cold + 12 warm, 24 in total light Source Power
  • 12WClamp Material
  • Carbon SteelColor
  • black power Supply
  • USB 5VWarm Tip

Please twist the arm to “S” or “Z” or “3” to all the more likely help your telephone,

stay away from the holder shaking and tumbling down.

Key Features

Presently there is not no more looking for the ideal phone lights for Selfie and streaming!

  1. Our Selfie ring light with PDA
  2. holder furnishes the best video result with ideal light
  3. It can work both as a photography ring light and table light,
  4. or even mono lights
  5. The hand-free plan accessible with various splendor choices
  6. It works both as photography ring light and table light, or even moonlights


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