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Sending letters may seem like a thing of the past, but many companies, government bodies, and technophobic people still very much rely on them. If you are the opposite – that is, you prefer to send things digitally – then Lettre24 provides a solution: you send a letter digitally, and Lettre24 will print and send a physical letter on your behalf.

Why might we need to send letters digitally?

There are a deceiving amount of reasons why the ability to send a letter online is useful. The first is in regard to those who live with disabilities or in rural areas. In both circumstances, mobility is an issue in reaching a postbox to send mail. Of course, some mail services can pick up your mail for you and do door-to-door delivery, but this is a pricey option for documents and letters.

Another use case is when sending postcards and documents remotely – perhaps backpackers and digital nomads can relate. When you’re on the go or in an unfamiliar place, figuring out how the postal service works is a pain. It may also be unreliable too. Services like Lettre24 allow for customized postcards which can be sent with a click of a button.

In fact, customization is another big use case. Having the ability to alter the picture on the front of a postcard, or its message, is a great way to create the best possible postcard. It can be personalized with the recipient in mind, making it all the more special to receive (and likely much faster to receive, too).

Finally, remotely letter delivery is simply a way to reconcile different generations. We have older people who prefer to receive hard copies of things in the post, because email can be too difficult to navigate, while we have a younger generation who would much rather digitally communicate. Therefore, Lettre24 is a way to send virtually, but receive physically.

How to send a letter from your laptop

Let’s say you have to send a notice letter to your landlord for moving out. The first step is to sign up for a service like Lettre24 and find the product that you want to send. In this case, a document. The next step is to either choose a template out of the sample letters, or import a file (i.e. PDF) that you wish to send in the post as it is.

After finalizing your document, you then fill in the quick form with the recipient’s address. After paying, the letter is immediately printed and mailed, and then a tracking link is sent to your email.

Final Word

Lettre24 allows for up-to-date tracking on all mail, as well as accessing all historical shipments. This is actually profoundly useful, because if it’s a palace you send to regularly, it will store the contact details to make sending a letter again much faster. Having all of your mail stored in the cloud is a benefit we didn’t think of at the time, but it turns out that this is customers’ favourite feature. It’s very easy to find what you have sent, and at what time, which can save an administrative headache down the line.

It’s also important to consider the many exclusive offers available; something that is not possible with traditional postal delivery.

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