Sending Fruit Baskets to Pakistan


Sending and receiving gifts is always a thing of great rejoice. People in many countries cherish and values these gifts and always try to correlate with some lovely feelings. Beyond material possessions, they value them emotionally. Sending fruit baskets as gifts is exceptional as it not only expresses one’s sense of love for the significant other but also is a healthy alternative traditional gift box.

Significance of sending fruit baskets as gifts:

The people of the world wish to taste diverse food items and would definitely rejoice to have them as gifts. Unfortunately, some of the food items are particular to certain countries and people in other geographical locations have no idea on how they would taste. Sending fruit baskets across countries is an excellent way to help them taste the innate fruit and flavours of our home country. is always there for those who want to send sentimental gifts to their beloved ones. This company markets a wide range of products making home shopping enjoyable.

Their products include bouquets, fruit baskets, books, toys, women apparels, leather products, mobile phones, handicrafts, etc. They never compromise on the quality of the products and delivers branded and own label items. The company is among the best online sites. As a golden feather on their crown, they are the best in sending fruit basket to Pakistan.

Fresh seasonal fruits like mangoes, apples, oranges, and bananas are delivered by them. From toddlers to adults all love to have fresh fruits. The same day delivery and very next day deliveries are the main attractions of the portal. Also, special orders are taken for delivery at villages with a small additional cost.

Varieties of Fruit Baskets gifts:

1. Fresh fruit baskets

Delicious handpicked fruits are combined with other toppings and chocolates. This mix and match of flavours can be customized for specific occasions. The customers can suggest finishing touches according to the occasion from their site. Many prefer these fresh fruit baskets as an appropriate gift to their friends during the holy month of Ramadan. To send Send Gift to Pakistan, people around the globe mostly rely on this online service.

2. Fresh dates

The famous Ajwa dates and Mabroom dates are the centres of attraction in this category. Sughai and Kudri dates are also available in individual and combo packs. They are available at an affordable cost with the best quality assured.

3. Mangoes

If you have someone, who is a great mango eater, then this is the best gift hamper for them. The fresh and juicy mango collections, more than in 30 varieties will provide a wide range of selection. Anwar, Chonsa, Sindhri are some of the mango varieties included here. And these mango fruit boxes are available for shipment all through the year to please the sweet tooth of its customers.

4. Dry fruit basket

Packed with love and nutrition, dry fruits make the best gift for your health-conscious buddy. As they are known to be the powerhouse of nutrients, they appear to be the best choice in gifts for any occasion. The longer shelf life and portability make them the favourites of travellers. The assorted collection of peanuts, figs, walnuts, and cashews provided by will mesmerize anyone. Summer special hamper and get well soon hampers are main charismas in this section.

5. Baskets by occasion

We have a number of special occasions in life to celebrate. Great memories can be made with friends and families on these occasions. Gifts and celebrations are always intertwined. Express gift services are always in the frontline to make your memories special. Their unique gift hampers in fruit baskets are customized for birthdays, anniversaries, valentine’s day, father’s day, mother’s day and Eid day.

Fruit baskets- The perfect gift

The following factors always make the fruit basket an attractive gift.

  • Deliverable
  • Healthy
  • Inexpensive
  • Great variety
  • Perfect for any occasion

Advantages of sending Fruit baskets through Expressgifts:

  • Secured shopping experience

When buyers share their sensitive information with them, they scramble these data using internet standard encryption technology. Maximum possible security is assured by the constant upgradation of technologies.

  • Protection of privacy

They collect the buyer’s information directly and never shares that with a third party. They never use our details to contact us for their promotions and offers without our concern. Legally collected information only is used to process the order and customers themselves can remove from the email marketing later.

  • Anytime customer support

Any inquiry regarding the product, sales or order can be done through the site any time by just providing the essential details. Needy support can be mentioned in the comment section.

  • Best refund policies

As far as expresso services are concerned customer satisfaction is prior to anything. They take extra care in quality products even then the customer is not satisfied with their purchase, an easy return policy is provided. Within eight days from the date of receipt of the product, customers may return it with valid reasons. Any change or cancellation in the order can be done by notifying within one hour after the order placement.

  • Wide delivery ranges in Pakistan

In major cities in Pakistan, deliveries are made even on public holidays. In other cities, deliveries are made on the previous day of the public holiday. Special requirements regarding the time of delivery also will be considered.

  • Great and efficient service

All the staffs are well mannered, unlike any other online services. They deal the orders in a very professional way. They always deliver exactly the same items as shown in the picture. The quick and well-packed delivery always keeps the expresso gifts online very close to the customer’s heart.

Fruits as a token of love

Fruit baskets are always filled with benefits if someone is interested in healthier gift options. As many are going beyond sweet treats and chocolates, for more health conscious recipients our gratitude can be expressed by sending fruit baskets. Expressgift offer several fruit baskets consisting of fresh fruits, delicious nuts with a chocolaty touch. Promising to keep the easy gift delivery in a healthy way, Expressgiftonline continues to be the champions in this niche.


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