SEO: Is It Worthwhile?


SEO (search engine optimization) has been touted as the holy grail of online marketing by digital marketers. The benefits that top-ranking websites enjoy among search results cannot be overstated. However, with an increasingly crowded internet, firm owners are beginning to question whether it is worthwhile to invest their effort and budget in SEO.

SEO is absolutely worthwhile, especially if you are willing to view it as an investment rather than a cost. Before beginning to formulate a strategy with your SEO firm, ensure that you understand what it is you are seeking to reap from these efforts. Are you looking for increased brand awareness, high traffic, or improved conversion rates?

You will find that all these are achievable through SEO, but there are a few things you need to get right. 

Making SEO Worthwhile for Your Firm

How do you ensure that your company’s SEO marketing efforts are worthwhile? By keeping in mind the important tips below:

Implementing the Right SEO Strategies

A successful SEO campaign is often a result of combined efforts from different aspects of your website. Your law firm can only benefit from SEO’s organic traffic if the landing page can direct visitors down the sales funnel.

For this, your content has to be intentional and valuable, the website has to be appealing, and loading time as fast as possible, both on mobile and web.   

Updating Your SEO Strategies

Search engines make hundreds of annual changes, improvements, and launches to their SEO algorithms. This means that you have to remain on your toes in updating your strategies too.

Keeping up with such technicalities can prove daunting for you as the firm owner. Experienced law firm SEO companies such as ApricotLaw can come in handy when trying to keep your strategies fresh.  

Being Consistent

SEO is not a one-time thing and it is definitely not static. What this means is that once you start your SEO journey, you cannot stop just because you have begun getting more clients.

If you are after growth, acquiring, and maintaining these clients, SEO should be a consistent part of your digital marketing plans.

Hiring the Right SEO Person/Agency

Depending on your budget, the size of the firm, and how much time you have on your hands, you can choose to do it yourself or make a hire.  

If you choose the latter, consider whether to outsource SEO services, make a permanent hire, or consult an SEO firm.

Why SEO Is Worthwhile

The results that a well-executed SEO campaign can produce are what make it worthwhile. Let’s look at what you get from SEO:

Increased Traffic

This is the primary aim of optimizing your website for search engine rankings. Your website organically ranks among the top search results, where 71% of users are clicking.

Another aspect of SEO that contributes to increased traffic is that it is an organic strategy. People do not trust nor click on paid ads that appear on top of the organic results.    

More Leads Equals More Conversions

If your SEO strategy incorporates the tips we mentioned in the first section, then leads coming to your website can become paying customers. People searching for legal services are, especially, likely to convert faster because of the nature of these problems. 

Thus, investing in SEO means more conversions and increased sales.

Cost-Effective Digital Marketing

Unlike paid search engine marketing approaches like PPC, SEO does not require you to spend money on the strategy itself. Once you fully optimize your website or landing page, the clicks will start coming in without having to pay for each. 

This makes SEO an ideal marketing approach for firms of all sizes and budgets.

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