Sergey Tokarev: New technological university is to open in Ukraine


Ukraine will have dozen new startups and thousands of jobs very soon. All merits are for the unique approach in educating IT specialists at a new technological university SET. It is expected to launch the education next September. Sergey Tokarev, the Founding Partner at Roosh, speaks about the opportunities the SET University will bring to Ukrainian students and the country at large.

The background of SET University

SET University is a novelty in the education system of Ukraine. Sergey Tokarev has been developing the idea of a robust IT education in Ukraine for several years.

The businessman has been committed to investing and IT for many years. His investment portfolio counts over 100 projects, including Reface. He confronted the issue related to the lack of IT specialists while developing his business and portfolio companies. He concluded that in order to get real IT professionals, there should be appropriate quality education. Then, Ukraine will become a potent IT hub of Eastern Europe.

In 2021, the investor engaged the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) in the establishing process. Sergey Tokarev’s choice was in KSE because it is considered the best economic university in the country to graduate the most knowledgeable specialists for decades. Foreign professors with a wealth of practical experience teaching there. Nobel Laureate Roger Myerson is a member of the International Academic Board of Kyiv School of Economics. This is how SET University has started.

The first steps to the opening

On December 7, SET University was officially presented in Congress and Exhibition Center “Parkovy.” There were many representatives of IT business and officials who welcomed the university. Also, Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov welcomed the new institution.

In March 2022, SET University will launch a free online course on preparing for External independent mathematics evaluation.

From July next year, applicants will have an opportunity to apply for education at the university. The application process will be available on July 14. In August, the university will sign agreements with accepted students. Then, in September, the educational process will start.

In addition, Sergey Tokarev notes that the university is in the process of creating the final list of study specialties. Among them will be Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Cybersecurity, and others. Also, the best professors and expert practitioners from the IT business are invited to provide educational work in the university. They are IT top managers, leading engineers, and other IT specialists from the best Ukrainian and international companies.

The IT future in Ukraine

Sergey Tokarev has thoroughly studied the Ukrainian IT market and found a significant lack of high-quality IT experts and entrepreneurs. According to a survey from Gradus, about 80% of IT industry representatives notice that Ukrainians misunderstand business management and lack proper practice in developing and setting up a startup. Also, they state that young businessmen don’t know how to attract investment correctly.

SET University is focused on solving this problem. The investor believes that the establishment of the new technological university will change the core of traditional education in Ukraine and reveal great expertise to students to become quality IT specialists and successful investors and entrepreneurs. This will up the country to the next level in the IT industry.


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