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As a company grows, the needs of the business grow as well. If the company makes a name for itself in the industry, it is important to maintain its reputation. Whatever statement the company or its representatives make in public can potentially affect the various stakeholders.

This is where Public Relations (PR) agencies can help by managing outbound information through various mediums such as blog writing, ad copies, E-mails, press releases, and much more. Public relations is an effective communication process to maintain and build a strong relationship with the public and the stakeholders.

A PR firm manages your company’s reputation through various mediums of communication.

While it may seem like a PR and marketing agency’s duties overlap, they are separate functions. The main objective of marketing is to communicate to boost sales, whereas the objective of PR is to build and maintain the brand’s reputation.

PR functions are different from marketing as it is more aligned toward outbound communication to the public.

Here are some of the PR services that an agency can provide for a company.

1. Reputation Management

It is one of the most sought-after services that a PR agency provides. The agencies employ various tactics like newsletters, blog content, social media management, and engaging with followers.

For instance, when brands reply to their customers’ reviews of products on social media platforms, it is a form of reputation management done by the companies to be in the public’s good books.

2. Media Relations

Building a solid relationship with the media is necessary to create brand awareness and manage reputation. A PR agency plays a vital role in managing your company’s relationship with the media. Such agencies write speeches for the company’s representatives or give written statements to journalists for publishing to get media coverage.

They liaise with the media houses to get coverage and generate positive publicity for the company.

3. Speech Writing

It is another tactic that PR firms use when their company holds any press conference or events where the company representatives might give a statement to the public. Even if any of your employees are going for a casual interview or a podcast, the PR agency might instruct them on what not to say.

This is done to safeguard the company’s reputation and to prevent any negative news from amplifying. They structure your company’s communication strategies to avoid any backlash from the public and media.

Even if there is a backlash from stakeholders, effective speech writing coupled with other tactics might help your company navigate out of the situation.

So, PR agencies write speeches and give instructions to ensure that the message is delivered effectively to the public.

4. Press Release

A press release is a form of media relations. Other than partnering with media houses, agencies write the press release for the media to publish.

For instance, if you want to start a hashtag campaign on Twitter, a PR firm will assist you in writing an effective press release announcing the details about the campaign.

5. Outreach

A PR agency can assist your company’s efforts to be an active part of the community you serve. A PR uses outreach tactics to get your company’s attention or coverage from trade shows and other events in your niche. Outreach campaigns help increase brand reputation, build a relationship with the niche community, and generate brand awareness.

For example, suppose you deal in electrical appliances like vacuum cleaners. In that case, your PR team will reach out to specific business exhibitions to attain a stall for some time. Then the PR team will create awareness of the brand’s presence in the expo by publishing a press release.

6. Social Media

Social media plays an important role in today’s landscape to manage a brand’s reputation. It has become one of the most popular mediums through which brands communicate and engage with their customers.

It is an easy and effective way to showcase your brand’s identity and stand out from the rest. For instance, McDonald’s and Wendy’s often engage in a witty tweet war. This simple tactic is done to attain an earned media opportunity. Since the friendly feud is often funny and humorous, people retweet those exchanges.

7. Internal Communications

A public relations team also assists to effectively communicate with the company’s employees since they are stakeholders. PR firms help to manage the relationship between employees and the company through channels of communication. They allow you to discuss significant changes, downfalls, successes with the employees.

These are the leading service areas of a PR agency. However, not every agency performs all the functions, and some agencies specialize in a specific area. Especially when it comes to press relations, there are specialized agencies for this function. While selecting a PR firm, carefully analyze your needs and research for a team that has relevant PR experience in your industry.

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