Services to Avail to Arrive at Your Next Event in Style


Your grand entrance at the event you’ve been waiting for can make your experience more memorable to you and others who see you. Arriving in style can set an impression, and help you connect with high-profile people at the event you’re attending. While looking the part is important, it takes a little more effort than dressing to impress.

Here’s how you can turn heads the moment you arrive at the venue with these services:


If you don’t own a luxury car, that doesn’t mean that you can’t hire one to give you a lift. If you plan on drinking liquor at the event, it’s important to have a ride to and from the venue, but just any cab won’t do. Event specialists at recommend hiring a Lincoln town car or a Lincoln limo to drop you off to your destination. A limousine ride is usually priced by the hour, and only costs a little more than your average cab.

This option is also recommended if you’re going with a group, as splitting the cash between, you will have to pay very little for a grand entrance. If you’re going with a large group, you can opt for a party limo bus, so you can have a little pre-party fun before your big day.

Haute Couture

While you don’t have to spend a fortune to look your best, if you’re expecting high-profile celebrities or elites at your event, and want to blend in, you should always opt for haute couture. Professional tailors will help you find a design and size that suits your curves, and brings out your body shape. Men can also opt for custom-made suits, as ready-to-wear is not always a good fit.

When you want to make an impact, go bold with patterns or colors, but not both. If you’re unsure what would suit your event, never hesitate to ask your designer, and if you expect a long night of socializing, it’s best to opt for shorter heels, but never flats. Men can wear leather shoes, and avoid anything rubber or chunky in appearance. Patent leather dress shoes work great with a tuxedo, while Oxfords are a good match with suits.

Professional Makeup

Getting your makeup done professionally at a salon, or hiring a celebrity makeup artist, can make you look and feel like a Disney princess. And while other guests at the venue might not particularly be aware of your professionally-done makeup, it will give you that boost of confidence that will help you blend in with the elites.

When discussing what you want with your makeup artist, familiarize them with the nature of the event and what you’re going to wear. You can get it done several hours before going to the venue, or in the early morning. Just make sure you don’t exert too much physical effort to avoid sweating through your makeup.

Spa Makeover

A day at the spa can exfoliate your skin and give you a natural glow for your big day. Pampering yourself with your friends before the event can also add to the fun of the experience. If you’re planning to show skin, a mud bath can help eliminate dead skin, while facials can replenish dull skin tones, and lessen the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles.

Men can also opt for facials, especially if they have razor bumps on their face or neck. At most spas, there’s also a hairdressing section, where you can get a haircut or hair treatment before your event.

Clinic Discounts

Beauty clinics offer discounts when you purchase certain packages, or if you plan to book sessions in bulk with your friends. If you have any wrinkles that you’re uncomfortable with, fillers can give you taut skin instantly. While women may want to target their marionette lines, men can get their crow’s feet filled.

You can also have your upper cheeks filled for higher cheekbones, or you can simply opt for fractional laser sessions several weeks before your event. Derma rolling can also rejuvenate your skin, just make sure that you get abrasive treatments done two or three weeks before your event, as your skin may be irritated immediately afterwards.

Getting ready for an event is part of the fun, especially if you arrive with your entourage that trail up the carpeted stairs with you in style. Always have your transportation covered and booked a few days before the big day, and remember that haute couture and designer attire can set a good impression. If you feel like it will give you a self-esteem boost, visit the spa the morning before the event, or get some fillers a week or so beforehand to look your best.

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