Seven Actually Fun Date Night Ideas to Save Money

If your career keeps you occupied for at least 40 hours a week, and you are willing to go on a date with yourself, then chances are that you are looking to go on a date, but can a date be any more interesting than going out to dinner?  This depends on the couple, but if you generally feel adventurous when it comes to first dates, a few unique options may surprise you.

1. Eat Chocolate Chips

Eating keto friendly chocolate chips is an easy way to make a date more spontaneous.  Since they are keto-friendly, they are not really bad for you, and you can sit in your living room with a partner and just eat chocolate chips all night long.  You can do this while watching a movie or playing video games.  If your potential partner does not like video games, then feel free to make that partner leave.  While this suggestion might seem strange, perhaps you and your partner are strange enough to enjoy this suggestion.

2. Visit a Hibachi Place

If you and your date enjoy spending a lot of money and having food thrown at you, then you may enjoy dinner at a hibachi place.  At hibachi restaurants, the chef can spray sauce into your mouth, which requires coordination and a desire for flavor.  Also, while hibachi food is delicious, it is also comfort food.  It is not too spicy.  It does not have too much of anything.  Perhaps the reason for which it is so expensive is because it is as simple and perfect as pepperoni pizza.  If you and your date agree to split the bill, then it is potentially a less expensive option.

3. Play Laser Tag

Instead of getting all mushy, why not play laser tag at a local arcade?  Playing laser tag also presents an opportunity to eat bar food and drink beer, if the arcade is any good.  Laser tag is not nearly as expensive as visiting a Michelin-star restaurant, so if you and your partner have lots of energy, going out for a game of laser tag might be fun.  Just make sure you two are coordinated enough to make the shot.

4. Visit a Clam Bar

What is great about a clam bar is that it pairs excellent food with a casual atmosphere, so if you and your partner enjoy using mollusks as conduits for vinegar and ketchup, then do not look beyond the nearest clam bar.  Enjoy clams with great wheat beer or a great bottle of white wine, as white wine generally goes well with seafood.  As clams are raw, make sure you visit a reputable restaurant.  Dates in the bathroom tend to be less romantic, but if you go to the right place, clams are about as dicey as well-done steak

5. Go to a Brewery

The great thing about breweries is that they let you try many different things via flights, small sets of four or five drinks.  Sometimes, breweries offer a “deal” for a flight so that you can spread the cost of a little more than one beer over several little tastes of beer.  Breweries also attract other couples, and people are rarely restricted to a single table, so breweries can allow for a lot of fun mingling.  With free board games and cheap bar food, you can easily visit a brewery and make a whole night out of it.

6. Go For a Walk in The Park

The great thing about going for a walk in the park is that it does not cost anything.  In a park, you and your partner can play frisbee, go people-watching, or simply chat.  Going for a walk is great exercise, and it is a great way to enjoy some fresh air.  If you go for a walk in the park, then that is a bit more fun, so enjoy a walk with a partner.  Crack a few jokes about the ducks or the people you see.  It might be more enjoyable than it sounds.

7. Go to The Beach

If you go to the beach at night, then there will not be as many people around, so it might be more peaceful.  You can take your partner to the beach and enjoy the sights or sounds.  You might even venture into the water if it is actually warm enough.  The beach might be sandy, but if you wear close-toed shoes, you may not have to deal too much with intrusive sand.  Going to the beach might be a particularly good idea if you and your partner live near one.  This makes the experience more casual and less of a schlep.  Most importantly, you need not spend any money to go to a beach.  You can visit a beach without paying anything.